Monday, 26 September 2011

Too many projects

and not enough of this

Why oh why do I start endless projects which I probably won't end up finishing any time soon!

Christmas stockings for the website

Wool to start a scarf

A random knitted tortoise (I think it was the patchwork which attracted me to it!)

Knitted 'paper' chains for Christmas

However, I did finish one project off last week - my patchwork ironing board cover - at last.  It's only taken over a year to complete!

How many projects have you on the go at the moment?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A spot of vintage

Morning all - remember me! I can't believe it's almost 3 weeks since I was last in blog land.  I must do better.

The month hasn't been turning out as well as I would have liked - lots of faff and grief, and more importantly getting used to a new routine of one child in secondary school and one still in primary. We have a very tired 11 yr old at the moment who's going to bed earlier and earlier!  Mind you he's out of the house for a total of 9 hours, then homework to get on with - all good stamina building I guess....

It can only get easier (I hope).

Back to 'a spot of vintage' - whilst in Greenwich in July we had a jaunt round the vintage fair and shops.  I'm always a lover of the vintage clothing but I'm not a dress person so never end up buying anything but I love the style.  Anyway, I came across this -

a vintage crochet sleeveless cardigan-esqe number.  I tried it on and actually quite liked it.  As it was a reasonable price, I snatched it up.  Having had it hanging on the hanger since we returned it may well stay there.  I'm not sure of it's age but it's in good condition and is made from wool.

You know the phrase - 'if you keep something long enough, it'll eventually come back into fashion' - that's never held quite true for me but I'm obviously getting to the age now that things are coming back into fashion which I remember.  I now have a pair of shoes which went out and are now back in again!

I bought these

brogues from Laura Ashley about 15 years ago, obviously wore them and they have been languishing in the back of the wardrobe for some time.  I'm always reluctant to get rid of shoes and I'm glad I didn't with these, as lace-up brogues are all back in fashion.  I'm not sure whether a 15 yr old pair of shoes counts as vintage but I can pretend!

These vintage costume dolls were a bit of a 'random' purchase and a very bizarre one according to the rest of the family, but as they put a smile on my face, why not!

Have a good day and I'll pop along to say hello shortly, along with sharing some holiday snaps which are still on the camera...

Friday, 2 September 2011

A spot of customisation

Today was day 1 of a child free house and it feels so quiet - no friends door knocking, the dull sound of electronics and TV's in the background, the clank of lego being tipped out, the bickering.....,requests for endless food and drink - I actually miss those sounds! even though they drove me mad.

Jack went back yesterday and Toby had his first secondary school day today and boy was he excited - despite the early start to walk to the bus, not relying on me to remember things, learning how to do a tie! and not returning till 4.30 each day.  We took a photograph of him in exactly the same spot as we did when he first went to school 7 years ago - how time flies.

I'm really looking forward to his return and the success of accomplishing so many 'firsts'

Anyway, with the onset of chilly mornings, I thought I would customise an old denim jacket.  I've had it the best part of a decade and really wanted to jazz it up a little.

I sewed a CK patch I've had for a while on the arm

and with some Liberty print bias binding I then sewed this around the cuffs.

and then round the bottom edge

I'm pretty pleased with the overall look and has given my old jacket a new lease of life.

(double click to zoom in)

Have a great weekend!