Monday, 20 February 2012

The week that was

Hello All - hope you had a wonderful half term for those who were having one!  Ours went by in a flash and I have to say that I feel absolutely shattered.  I normally find them quite relaxing, but this one seemed quite intense.

There was a bit of this (but not much)

Celebrating a 10th birthday

watching this great film

and a little spot of this

I won't mention the comings and goings of friends, sleepover, marginal bickering, constant changes of clothes, and the hourly supply of food and water through the week!!  If I ever want a career change, I think I'm quite well qualified to run a B & B! 

I'm off now for a lie down and an extremely big cup of coffee....

See you later in the week.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Keeping the home fires burning

I did think that we would never get any snow, not that we had much mind you.  This, however gave us the perfect excuse to stay in, light the wood burner, the boys' to lollop round, me to bake and to play with my recent thrifty finds and to finish off a pair of patchwork curtains.

I have even got the youngest hand sewing some pieces of fabric together to make a new cushion cover for his room - bless!  He's made a good start and for someone who has never picked up a needle and thread before, I think he's done a good job!

Our kitchen window looked rather bland and having such a big window I thought I would soften it with a good old faithful bit of patchwork! (note the lack of snow).  Better call it a day now on the amount of patchwork now in the house!

A few weeks ago I picked up a couple of pretty cups and saucers, both for a mere 50p.

We were in desperate need for some new place mats and this brand new set of 6 at £2.00 was a bargain.  I love the cottages and would quite happily settle in any one of them.

What would be your dream home?