Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cooking a coming

Hello! - I can't believe it's the end of another week, where are they going? Thanks for your comments about the parents' meeting - all went well thank goodness. There is always a sense of anticipation which is so silly really, but anyway all done for 6 months!

This weekend sees lots of cooking and knitting teddies! We have some friends over on Saturday. They are great to cook for as they are so enthusiastic about food and eat with great gusto.

I thought I would cook Spicy Meat Gumbo from Jamie's America

I've not done it before but it seems like a hearty dish so we'll give it a whirl.

For pudding I'm doing Spiced Apple Bread and Butter pudding. A fairly bulky dish following the gumbo but I think it'll go down well.

Whilst flicking through CL yesterday my eyes were drawn to a couple of recipes which are worth giving a go - Christmas Rocky Road - a guaranteed favourite in our house. I've never made it using jam.

( Sorry about the poor picture quality, the light is awful today.)

The other recipes look equally scrummy.....
Hubby bought home some Sainsbury 'try something new' recipe cards yesterday. I'mCheck Spelling a great fan of these as they are quick, simple and more importantly don't cost the earth to make. The wicked carrot scones, and the banana bread and custard pud are ones I'll try first - can you tell I've got a sweet tooth?!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend - I'll be back next week with my very first giveaway!!!!! so tune in then.


Michela said...

I'm feeling very hungry now!!!!!!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Ooo very yummy! I shall be round on Saturday then!lol.

I saw a few episodes of the Jamies America, I really enjoyed it and thought it was really interesting. You always have such sterotypes of any country including food habits, so it was really nice to see somthing more insightful.

Good luck with the teddy bear making and have a lovely weekend.


The sewing room said...

I think you should make extra we will all be round on Saturday it sounds yummy,your freinds are lucky to have such a lovely meal cooked for them hope it all goes well have a great weekend hugs Pat

noelle said...

hope the cooking goes well , sounds great. I do like Jamie! Shall look forward to your giveaway!!

Jennifer said...

Lovely Blog!

Florence and Mary said...

I'm still on the waitlist at the library for Jamie's new book, I'll look forward from hearing more about the recipes featured.

Carrot scones sound fabulous!

Victoria xx

Catherine said...

Sounds good! Love your blog!

Tabiboo said...

Spiced apple bread and gumbo - sounds perfect, very warming and autumnal.

Have a lovely evening,

Nina x

ps. did the gumbo turn out OK?