Monday, 15 February 2010

Satisfaction guaranteed

Thank you so much for all your kind words on my last post.  There were lots of helpful hints so I'll be doing my best (really, I will) to take them on board.  You might not think so as you read this post!

I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day - ours in true form was spent watching Toby play football, then spending the rest of the day finishing the bathroom!  We'll make up for it tomorrow as it's Jack's birthday.  Saturday was spent entertaining 10 little boys at the nearest bowling alley and a good time was had by all.  Despite not having to clear up or cook, I felt absolutely shattered after it!

The bathroom is now complete - drum roll please, tra la la - like it?  It's amazing, that for such a small room, it still took a week to get done - I think that's it for DIY projects..........

I've also finished my knitted blanket, well a lap cover really.  It's beautifully soft and knits up quickly. I used Rowan's All Seasons Cotton yarn to make it. 

This little creation went slightly wonky - I wanted to put some hankies to good use, so decided to make a little mat for the console unit.  My problem was a) made it in too much of a hurry and b) didn't use the rotary cutter and mat to cut out the triangles.  It still came out reasonably well, and with a vase of tulips on top you can't see the lack of accuracy!

I also braved the bitter winds to get some primroses potted up in my galvanised container.  There's nothing more cheery than a splash of colour on a grey day, don't you think?

Right, I'm now off to wrap some presents for the birthday boy.  I'll be back later on in the week once I've recovered!


marigold jam said...

Your bathroom looks gfreat and in ONLY a week - things usually go on for months here! Your little mat is fine and as I always say when something isn't perfect "Only God can do perfect so a mere mortal shouldn't expect to do the same"! It looks very pretty and will not be without something on top anyway. Those flowers do look cheery and I love the galvanised bath they are in too. Hope all goes well with the test results and by following all the advice!


LissyLou said...

i love those tiles, i want those white ones for my kitchen.

sideboard was from ikea - £199

Pink Feather Paradise said...

THe bathroom looks lovely, I dream of a fab bathrrom like that... one day I will have the nerve to share the pit that doubles as our bathroom... its horrible..

I must get to the garden centre and get some primulas and pansies and anything else colourful.. its dreary and drizzly today... yuck!

many happy returns for the birthday boy and have a good week

X Alex

Michela said...

Hi Sarah! Happy happy birthday to your little one, hope he has a fabby day and lots of pressies from his clever mum!

Redneck Junkers said...

My O MY! Just look at all the sweetness here! I cannot visit your page without smiling. The bath looks adorable. You did a great job on those tiles.
Redneck Junkers

Jennifer said...

The bathroom looks great, well done. I love your knitted blanket, it's gorgeous.

bellaboo said...

Love the bathroom,the tiles make it look so fresh looking.Like what you've done with those hankies,and also the way you've done the different stitches in the squares of your blanket.Our garden looks so uncared for at the moment...must plant up a tub like yours to cheer it...and me... up!

Bellaboo :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Lovely tiles in your bathroom!

Have a brilliant time in Lewes, wish I was coming!

Sarah x