Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A collector of pretty much everything

What a really, really wet day we had yesterday eh?

Whilst unpacking my new bits and bobs from Sussex, I realised that I seem to have a collection for pretty much everything I own.

I think we all remember collecting things as children - mine were rubbers, pencils, notebooks, book marks and probably a whole lot more.

I wonder what makes us collectamaniacs....em.

I do still indeed collect notebooks and the like, but my collection of 'stuff' now is more varied.  Some, and I stress some of my favourite 'collections' are these -

I know you can only knit with 2 needles at a time but my collection of coloured needles do make me smile.

tea-cups - now I know many bloggers have the same fascination for a good old tea-cup and saucer so I don't feel too bad.

 especially when I pick up this haul at a car boot sale last week for a good old fiver.

pincushions - there is something quite lovely about colourful pins sticking out of a pretty pincushion

beads - now this one definately goes back to when I was a small girl putting my nan's beads round my neck and then slipping into her shoes - I felt very grown up!

I won't mention jugs, hankies, cushions, crochet blankets, Enid Blyton books, Ladybird books, bags, buttons, fabric, brooches, egg cosies- shall I go on????

What do you collect?

PS - Toby collects the dreaded football cards which are around at the moment and Jack collects toilet roll innards (you never know when you might need one, apparently!)


KC'sCourt! said...

Ooooh! Someone like me! I collect things because I like the items! Its sort of like little piles of things - Enid Blyton books, porceleine flower brooches, fashion jewellery and other things!
Julie xxxxx

VintageVicki said...

I collect lots of stuff - quite similar to you - coloured knitting needles, ladybird books, china cups/saucers, jugs, postcards, buttons and probably more I can't remember this time of day!!

winnibriggs said...

I'm with you with the teacups and jugs...and then ladybird books, fabric and sewing paraphenalia of all kinds. Think I need a new shed.

marigold jam said...

Blue glass bottles and jars for me! And I love old china bits and pieces too.


maryannlucy said...

I try not to collect anything as I know what I am like ;-) but needless to say I have a collection of EB (but at least that is used I guess), knitting needles, 1920s serving dishes, tea cups, I could go on ;-)

bellaboo said...

Oh yes...you've got the collecting bug alright!
I collect china mainly...but also vintage linens.Seem to have quite a few pillowcases now too!Have to stop as there's no more space in the house to put everything!

Bellaboo :0)

TheMadHouse said...

Tis funny I was never a collector as a child, it is something that I am growing in to!

Shabby Chick said...

I love your knitting needle collection, it looks so sweet! I collect china posies, buttons, china animal kitcsh ornaments (the latest obsession!), fabrics and cake stands I think. There are probably more collections I haven't thought of ;)

Mel xxx

Floss said...

Like you, we're all collectors... Son 2 collects anything shiny he picks up from the ground, which makes emptying his trouser pockets a bit of a nuisance. I've collected a lot of lace over the decades, and am finally beginning to wash and sort it, in preparation for cataloguing it (gulp)!

Thanks for sharing (some) of your lovely collections. It's pouring in the South of France today, too.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

What lovely collections you have. I love the pin cushions and knitting needles.

I suppose my biggest obbsession to collect are books. If I had kept the many,many many books that I have had over the years I suspect I would be well on my way to opening my own libary. I hate parting with them and they always make me feel that I am at home when I have a full bookshelf. Other than that I am a bit of a magpie and home in on random pretty stuff! lol.


Magic Bean said...

Hello Sarah. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just LOVE those knitting needles- oh so rainbowy. Sea glass, shells and heart shaped pebbles are my thing. Small loves sticks and Smaller is a real magpie/kleptomaniac. It's quite hard to dust here... Ax

Florence and Mary said...

I found when I moved that I had a lot of collections too! Like you I collect Ladybird and Enid Blyton books especially. They're the two things I always buy when I'm thrifting!

Victoria x

My Grannies Attic said...

I love your collections - especially the knitting needles!!!

My main obsession is vintage china from the 1940's and 1950's English Potteries. With approx 600 items it is about time I did something with it all - hence the new business!!!!

I also love to collect vintage french fabrics and buttons. I am also really becoming a little obsessed with books and magazines too.

A Country Girl said...

Knitting needles (although I haven't got as many as you!), Observers books, Blackberry Fram books and old glass bottles and jars. Oh, and sea glass.

sylviesgarden said...

I too collect many things. It is getting a wee bit out of control. I saw a lovely set of teacups and saucers today but had to be brave and not buy it as I am rapidly running out space.

Serenata said...

Umm, yes! :-) AND I collected as a child...shells, stamps, rubbers, stickers oh and books...

harmony and rosie said...

vintage fabrics, lace and linens, old cooking and gardening books and I'm having a Sylvac moment too! Storage is becoming an issue now ..

noelle said...

maybe you should nip on over to Heidi's at snowdrop cottage she is having a vintage sale take a look at some of the books...... you have been warned!!! x

Lyn said...

I collect ironing! well if you look at my laundry you would think I do!!!
I also collect little Beatrice Potter characters, beryl ware, books, dust!

sitting oh so pretty said...

I collect too much!!!! Love cardigans, wallpaper batchends, like you notebooks, pencils, buttons, junk jewellery, mugs, old books with quirky titles. Best I stop now, I fear there is not enough space for the rest tehexxxxxxxxx

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

What you do collect you display so well so thats fine, love the look of the jug of knitting needles !

mangocheeks said...

Love your collection of cups esp.

I don't have the space, yet I still tend to collect cookbooks.

Andi's English Attic said...

I'm not sure I actually 'collect' but I do have a soft spot for toucans, hearts and china with violets.
The first pic of the cups - bottom cup on the right - we had them, dinner plates n all. Took me back. xx