Friday, 1 October 2010

End of the week

Phew, end of the week at last!  I've been meaning to post some photo's of the Isle of Wight earlier than this, but with one thing and another this week.........

A trip to A & E dominated the week.  Toby played in a school football match and he got 'studded'.  Unfortunately the stud got stuck into his shin and dragged down so he has a 1" deep gash!!! Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Due to the fact it is a stud injury and the edges are too ragged, the hospital are unable to glue or stitch it so the wound is left open, so a lot of wound re-dressing is required (not my forte at all!).

Anyway, back to last weekend and the Isle of Wight.  What I liked about the island was that you could drive from 1 place to the next without spending too long in the car.  One of our first visits was to the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm.

 The aroma of smoked garlic was glorious.

A little potted history about garlic and it's cultivation.

Cultivated garlic sets to purchase.

Next stop was the model village in Godshill.  What a pretty little place to visit.  The models were all done extremely well and were made using proper stone to give them their authentic look.

Even proper thatched roofs!

Model village within a model village - 

 Little people (you'll need to double click on the photo to get a better view of them!) -

Realistic church with bells ringing -

Here's a few more shots of the island -

Have a great weekend!


sylviesgarden said...

Poor Toby! My littlest one cracked her head open last week at school so it was a trip to A&E for us. I'm not very good with blood and sores so I feel for you having to dress it. I hope that he is better soon.
Great pictures. The IOW is such a stunning place.

Andi's English Attic said...

I've only been to the IoW once - when I was nine months old. Don't remember much about it!
Poor Toby. That sounds nasty, but a great 'war wound' to brag about in the future! xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Ouch! your poor Son! that sounds nasty. That is one thing when you have children and the injury factor! hope he feels better soon.

What lovely photo's. Love the model village and those little gypsy caravans. And that beautiful scenery. I have never been to the Isle of White but have heard some lovely things about it. Must get ourselves over there one day.

Have a lovely weekend.


Country Girl said...

Poot Toby - that sounds horrid.
Love your pictures - did you spot any of The Borrowers in that miniature town?

Green thumb said...

Hi Sarah! Best wishes to Toby, poor thing!
Thank you for sharing your holiday with us, great shots! ..not sure I'd visit the garlic farm though.. :-)
Have a good weekend!

bellaboo said...

Yikes!I was wincing as you described poor Toby's injury.We had a lovely week's holiday in the IOW.I suffer from seasickness,so I took a tablet and the sea was like a millpond...felt reeeally silly! ;O)

Hesta Nesta said...

I love the Isle of Wight, we last went there in about 1978 and I remember Black gang chine and the dinosaurs. I was so shocked when I looked it up on line as it is a theme park now!! I love the pumpkins and the Gypsy caravans.
Jo xx

Tabiboo said...

Yikes that sounds nasty - hope he heals quickly.

I love the Isle of Wight - only been the once for the jazz festival, but from what I remember it was wonderful.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina xxx

Emma said...

That looked like you had a really good time. My Chickens would look fab living in one of those little Gypsy Caravans...Em xxx