Friday, 10 December 2010



Wow, how time is flying, don't you think?  With so much to do, the boys' breaking up next week and so little time left, I think it'll be a full on weekend getting stuff done.  Normally I try and get Christmas bits and bobs done in between work, but work has fully dominated my days for the last 6 weeks.  I'm hoping over the next few days it will slow down.

Anyway, earlier this week we woke to a really hard frost, so much so, it was like driving the boys to school through Narnia.  I wish I could have taken some pictures as it was incredible.  I did however, take some when I got home.  It doesn't quite have the same visual impact when you're taking closer shots compared to casting your eyes over a wider view.

Apparently, the frost we had was called a 'Hoar' frost which forms when the air cools and the water condenses.  Because the temperatures were below zero, it's called a hoar frost.  If the temperatures were above zero it would be a dew frost (frozen water droplets).

The hoar frost is recognised by the delicate icy structures which completely fascinated me!

So, there you go, a lesson about frosts!

Whilst on the subject of this week, I took delivery of an early Christmas treat.  I had seen on the lovely Folly and Glee's site such a pretty lamp, which I did ponder about getting for a little while.  With encouragement by hubby I pressed the purchase button, and hey presto it was mine!

Here it is, pride of place next to the yet to be decorated Christmas tree.  The lamp base is a lovely Christmas red and the shade has been made using  vintage barkcloth depicting a community collecting maple syrup.
Unfortunately the light is so poor, my photo's don't do it justice.

Thank you Polly, I'm a happy bunny!

Right, onwards and upwards.  Have a great weeekend.


marigold jam said...

That frost was amazing wasn't it? I posted a couple of photos of it too as I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it before. Love the lamp - very Christmas -y with that red base and the snowy scene. Lucky you!

Hope you get done what you need to and that you will also have time to slow down a little too!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Loving that lamp! How gorgeous is that. You lucky lady.

Yes we had the frost too. I actually thought at first it was a thin coating of snow. It really did look very Christmasy. I wonder if we will get those scenes for Christmas?

I know what you mean about the clock ticking. I really should be finishing off making some presents. And next will be a rush into town I think. Eeek once the kids are home that will be it! lol.

Have a great weekend, if a busy one.


Andi's English Attic said...

Lovely lamp.
We thought the same as you - driving through Narnia. Wasn't it beautiful? I didn't know about the different frosts, so thanks for that. xx

Little Messy Missy said...

Beautiful the lamp great purchase!!

Floss said...

Wow - thanks for the lesson, and what a wonderful lamp!

Diane said...

That lamp is great- no wonder you snapped it up. xxxx

delia hornbook said...

Thats so strange you should mention the words Narnia i mentioned the same words on my facebook page when i was walking through my local park it felt like i had stepped through the wardrobe and into Narnia it was a truely magical sight. The lamp is really beautiful. Enjoy her. Dee x

Anonymous said...

That lamp is fantastic lucky you.
great frosty photos
xx fee

Jennifer said...

Driving through Narnia is such a wonderful thought, all of that frost is stunning.

Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows said...

Oh, such a lovely lamp! Lucky you. The frost is so beautiful, I love your pics. Ours has gone, and I didn't get to walk in it because I've been at home with a poorly baby. He's better, now, though, and perhaps the frost will come back...
Laura x

bellaboo said...

That lamp is absolutely gorgeous...I LOVE it!
I also love your frosty pics.It gives everything a magical beauty doesn't it?
Have a lovely weekend...decorating the tree maybe? :0)

sylviesgarden said...

Beautiful pictures. I LOVE your new lampshade, it's fabulous.

Green thumb said...

Sarah, you clever lady, the lamp is fab!
Hope you have a good week and will take a rest soon!

potterjotter said...

The Hoar frosts are so pretty aren't they, but also soooooo cold! Your little lamp is really sweet - well spotted.

Jenny said...

We too had an AMAZING frost last week, it was truly Narnia! I did try and take some pictures of it, but they didn't come out well:( yours are great though. Also love that lamp, so sweet! Jenny x