Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Two types of gardening

I don't want to tempt fate, but here in my little spot of the world, we've been enjoying some great weather, and there's no better time to do a spot of gardening when it's like this.

Not having managed any at the weekend, I thought I'd use half an hour yesterday to do a spot of planting.  At the back of the garden is an area where the grass has died due to the overhanging trees, so rather than grass seed it which we've done previously, I added a few colourful plants which all being well will survive in dappled shade.

Forget me knots, primroses and something else which I can't remember.  I've also got some wildflower seeds which apparently I can just scatter (my sort of planting!).  The mix is great for butterflies which is always good.

The blossom in the front is finally falling - it looks like pink snow.  In previous years I've always swept it up but this year I think I'll leave it.  The bumble bees must like it as the tree is buzzing with them.

Onto gardening of a different kind - I've had this miniature greenhouse (as in dolls house size)

for a few years, and I got round to painting it about a year ago and purchased a couple of little items.  Since then it's been neglected on my shelf so I think it's now time to bring it back to life and add some further little pieces to it.

What do you think?


Green thumb said...

So cute!
The pink snow is so cool!!!!!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Aww that is so cute :o) I really should do some planting - you are putting me to shame with your lovely garden. Scarlett x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Cowslips? The blossom looks amazing! LOVE the little greenhouse - so cute! Abby x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love your miniature greenhouse and the piccy of the "pink snow".

Mimi and Tilly said...

I love cherry blossom snow. Cherry blossoms are one of my favourite flowers. Your little greenhouse is fab, and I love all the little seed packets. Em x

Tabiboo said...

Gorgeous and cute - verrrrry cute.

We call the falling blossom - snow blossom. I think it's just as pretty as the budding stuff.

Nina xxx

PinkCat said...

The gnome looks really at home!
I have seen so many bumble bees already this year which has been a real suprise. x

delia hornbook said...

oooohhhh i love that blossom photo its beautiful. I can smell it from here ;-) dee x

Andi's English Attic said...

The little greenhouse is lovely and I especially adore the seed tray.

Blossom is so beautiful and planting primroses and forget-me-nots is a great idea. Very pretty flowers.

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What a cute little greenhouse, gorgeous x

Jenny said...

Loving the pink snow, so pretty! I planted up a few primroses the other day too, can make such a difference to have a few colourful flowers around the place! Have a good rest of your week, Jenny x

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Oh, it's so good to get out in the garden don't you think :o)

I love all the seeds poping their little heads through the ground..

I really like your greenhouse, and am quite envious :o)
Maybe I'll have to get a dolls house...trouble is, I have trouble keeping this house tidy...

Have a great weekend, and a lovely mothers Day.