Thursday, 4 August 2011

From one to another

Hope everyone is keeping well?

We took a jaunt to Greenwich last weekend, and what a pleasant time it was too - even more so when we can indulge in some free museums which entertain the boys and a couple of vintage markets for me!

The weather was beautiful, if not a little hot (if I dare say it).

This view, I could never tire of..............

The beautiful building is the National Maritime Museum.  In front of the building was where the Olympic Equestrian Trials were taking place.  It'll be in beautiful surroundings next year, and there seemed to be a lot of active work going in to make everywhere look good.

At the top of Greenwich Park is the Royal Observatory, again another beautiful building.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of lovely old buildings in Greenwich - a lot of which I ashamedly didn't take pictures of.  If you're near the area it's well worth taking an amble there.

On Sunday we went into London and took a walk along the Southbank to the Vintage Festival which was taking place from the Friday to the Sunday - lots of free activities for children, music and most importantly a Vintage Market Place.  Serious lack of photo's, in fact none - oops.

Good old Cath K was there with a great pop up shop.  My purchase was this vintage fabric peg bag.

My old one -

also a Cath K one, but it's seen better days.  Interestingly enough, it was my first ever CK purchase over 12 years ago!  It's done well!  She had a concessionary shop in Harrods at the time and my mum took me to it saying I would love the style, which of course I did.  I didn't know who she was and probably most other people didn't either.  I can't remember how much I paid for it back then, but of course the cowboy print is no longer.

It's certainly not going in the bin, but I shall keep it for prosperity - you never know it may be worth a bit in a few years time - despite the damage!



Nattie said...

Hope you had fun, love the hazy summers days...fab! x
Nattie x

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Love your new bag, glad you had such fun on your trip. And the cowboys are definitely keepers, you're right.


Pretty at Heart said...

We used to live very near Greenwich, and have been saying that we miss going there, so must arrange a visit soon. Are the markets there on both Saturdays and Sundays??

PinkCatJo said...

I loved the Vintage festival too. I just wished I'd spent a day in the market and a day inside the RFH. There was too much to do in one day.

Your new peg bag is great. And definitely keep the old one. It may find it's way onto Antiques Roadshow one day! x