Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Days

After having a rather turbulent 2 weeks, I buried my head and did a few crafty pick me ups!  Some good has come out of it as I've got lots of stuff finished (although I wouldn't want a re-run of the last 2 weeks).

Remember in my last post I was doing a patchwork hexagon hoop - I wasn't altogether pleased with the white fabric I had chosen but I was at the point of no return.  To rectify the choice, I added some embroidery stitches which has made me a little happier!

My bark cloth curtains were an unexpected find on Ebay - a snitch at only £3.00, it was a
wonderful turn-up. 

Having spent quite a lot of time cooing over CK's Patch book, and loving the flower picture in there, I set to with making my own.  I used a pretty frame I got way before Christmas.  It was one of those moments where I thought 'I'll eventually find a use for it' (that was my justification).  I think it was meant to have a 'crafty' project in it rather than a photo!

I was quite pleased with the result and it was fun cutting out floral flowers and arranging them.

Hopefully, service will resume fully next week!  Have a great weekend.


Dotty said...

I love the picture and the hexagon hoop looks gorgeous! Hope you have a calmer week this weekx

Alix said...

I think your hexagon hoop is wonderful, and all the better for the embroidery! Love your flower picture too, which goes so well with the frame. Hope you are returning to calm waters now...

Lynn said...

Lovely - I especially like the picture - how clever! And you did a fab job with the white hexagons.
I dived into craft work today and it has certainly made things seem better - oh and the jelly babies I ate helped too!!
Hope you have a beter time of it :)

bellaboo said...

The embroidered picture is lovely and bright!

Isobel said...

Loving all your doings. The hexagon loop is so adorable. xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Gosh you have been busy! With some really super cute makes too!

I really love the hexi hoop and the embroidery was a stroke of genius too. But that picture wow! Firstly I love,love the colour of the frame that is gorgeous shade of green? But the picture init is just inspired. Sorry to hear about the awful two weeks, but it seems that great art comes from troubled times!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I adore everything you've made. The hoop and the previous ones in the last post are amazing.

Blimey, the curtains were a lucky find. I'm always looking out for barkcloth and never seeing it.

Hope next week is more restful for you. xx

delia hornbook said...

Wow you have made some gorgeous things. Love the hexagon patchwork and your flowers look gorgeous lovely frame. And those curtains are lush ;-)) Hope things settle down now for you. dee x

Liz said...

Love your crafty floral picture - great idea.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger