Monday, 5 March 2012

Diamond Jubilee (of a different kind)

Whilst perusing my cookery books yesterday seeking some inspiration for afternoon baking, I came across this book

The WI Diamond Jubilee Cookbook printed in 1975.  Many of the recipes have been chosen for their clear instructions, the more interesting recipes, and some because the names intrigued the author - Sly Cakes, King George I's Christmas Pudding, Buttery Dick, Guernsey Bean Jar, Oozie-woozie Tart, Australian Jack, Stone Cream, Cawl Mamgu, Fat Rascals, Lord Welby's Sauce, to mention a few!!

I can assure you I didn't attempt any of the above, but did bake some simple Ginger Crispies which went down well with the boys' as most have already gone!

In future I must explore other cook  books as I do frequent the same ones time and time again, and neglect ones I feel I may not cook from, but with a bit of time I'll find a whole host of recipes I've never used before.

Do you find yourselves using the same cook books?


gillyflower said...

MMmm they look good!

I fall back on the same old favourite books usually, although it doenst stop me buying new ones every now and then to add to my groaning shelves!

Isobel said...

Your ginger crispies look yummy!!
I do end up using the same book over and over. I have one that Hubby gave me that has a cute cover and the pictures are absolutely stunning but every recipe I use turns out wrong. :( Weird, isn't it?

delia hornbook said...

mmm they look yummy. I do have my favourite cook books but i am so used to baking cakes i know what i need now. I do like to try new recipes and experiment with my own its good fun. dee x

bellaboo said...

Mmm,ginger crispies,must give those a try!
I do use my favourite Mary Berry one for baking,but I like to collect recipes from magazines etc and also find ones on the web.As much as I love them, I haven't got room for anymore cookery books! :0)

Katherine Jackson said...

I often use the same cookbooks over and over. Normally for only one or two recipes. But with the internet i now can search and only print off one 'new' recipe at a time. Try it out, if it works i keep. But i have recently been borrowing cookbooks from the library (incl Mary Berry) and copying out the recipes that interest me. So low cost... :)