Monday, 15 March 2010

Reveal - tra la la.....

Morning all!

Hope all you mummy's had a great day yesterday and were suitably spoilt?  At least we had glorious weather and just right for an enjoyable weekend.

I had a lovely card, and was treated to the Marks and Spencer 'meal for 4' deal - I did have to cook it, but it was much easier than doing a Sunday roast from scratch!

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes regarding Jack - his eye is a lot better, phew!  Drama (for the moment) is over.

Before other events took over, I showed you a little snippet of what I was working on and now it's finally finished -

It's a big floor cushion 22" x 22".  I was a little worried about doing the envelope back for it, but after reading the instructions 'properly' I actually found it wasn't too bad after all!  With my new additional skill, I decided to do another -

I think we are now cushioned out!

Last week, Emma was kind enough to award me the 'Sunshine Award' - thanks for that Emma

I know a lot of people have this award and for anyone who doesn't and reads my blog, feel free to accept it.

I'll save my post on seeds for next time 'again' - I need advice!

Have a great day.................


TheMadHouse said...

Oh I am loving the cushions - divine

bellaboo said...

Glad you were able to have a rest from cooking on Sunday!
The cushions are fab.

Bellaboo :o)

marigold jam said...

Glad your son's black eye is doing OK - I too have one but mine was due to having had a minor procedure to remove a skin tag from my eyelid!

Those cushions are great. A tip from one who has made those envelope backs - add a bit of Velcro or a button since when they are used and squashed they don't stay nicely closed!!

Andi's English Attic said...

Glad to hear the eye is recovering. Were the other kids at school impressed? Black eyes tend to have that effect.
Your home is going to be so comfey with all those cushions. A good job well done. xx

Florence and Mary said...

Aren't the Marks dinners great when you want a break but a good meal!

I love the cushions.

Victoria x

Isobel said...

Glad to hear that your son is on the mend.
Your cushions look lovely! Really pretty!

Michela said...

Yeah for Jack! Have a lovely week! xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Glad to hear Joe is okay... Danny has been wiped out by a urine infection and I have been wiped out caring for him... poor love!

I love your patchwork, I must pluck up the courage and give it a go!

x Alex

Tabiboo said...

Happy belated Mother's Day and the cushions look lovely. Nxx

KC'sCourt! said...

The cushions look really great.

Rubyred said...

So pleased that Jack is feeling better!
love the cushions, so pretty! The first time you do an envelope back it seems so complicated doesn't it!
Rachel x

Amy said...

pleased your son is on the mend! and pleased you had a good mummys day!!

love the cushions! xxx

maryannlucy said...

Great cushions! Can you really ever have too many cushions??

Kate said...

I love your cushions, very impressive. Sorry to hear your little chap's been in the wars but very pleased to hear he's on the mend, it's quite scary isn't it, when you think what might have been.

Kate x

vintage flair1 said...

I am so pleased Jack is feeling better!
Well done,the cushions look lovely!!!!
Take care
Bridie x

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely cushions :)

Pomona said...

I love your cushions - the colours are really pretty! And I am so glad that your son is recovering - it is so worrying when they are injured.

Pomona x