Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Silence is golden

Well, here we are at the start of another year.  The boys' are back today and the house is sooo quiet.  When I look back at blog posts from earlier last year, it does only seem like yesterday I wrote them.  Certainly, at the beginning of last year we had an awful lot of snow and the schools were shut on and off throughout January.  Let's see how this month goes!

Like many I don't find January an exhilarating month for obvious reasons, but I'm holding onto the prospect of Spring (very soon I hope!).

Now we're into 'balmy' like conditions, or so it seems compared to recent weeks, the birds have made a welcome visit to the garden and have been chirping away to their hearts content.  A sound I love. Yesterday we were lucky enough to see 3 Bullfinches gracing our tree. 

To keep my spirits up this month, I will, and have been setting too on new makes with some colour, along with picking up my crochet hook.  Having unsuccessfully tried for the last 2 years, I gave it another go the other night.

Here's the result so far -

I may well have cracked it, but bearing in mind I'm only going in straight lines, I might struggle with rounds again!

Bright and bold was the name of the game with this cushion and I love the fact it's so bright.  The pom-pom trim at the sides was a bit of a pain but worth the hassle!

For the reverse, I put to use some old candy striped sheeting. 

My next project was a hot water bottle cover using some left over Liberty fabric along with some polka dot fabric which I also used as lining in between fabric and wadding.  Hubby thinks I'll only have it for display and he's probably right!  Men, I don't think appreciate that some or indeed most things don't have to have a function or purpose......

Right, off for caffeine to be savoured in the peace and quiet.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Love the heart cushion! I, too, can knit, but noit crochet - I might buy that mag today! You look as if you're getting the hang of it!

Lynn said...

No men just don't get some things do they? Steve just looks bewildered and says "Is this another "it's a girl thing"?" lol.
Well done with the crochet - it took me an age to get the hang of it and even now I have to have the destructions (!) on my lap!

sylviesgarden said...

Hello, I love your cushion. Keep practising the crochet it took me ages to get my head round it but I got there eventually.

bellaboo said...

Gorgeous heart cushion..and well done with your've definately cracked it now!
It looks very Spring-like here,beautiful blue sky and sunshine,but when you step out of the door...brrrr! :0)

VintageVicki said...

Almost snap!!

Except I can't crochet - I really want to give it a go in 2011 but need to get craft fair stuff sorted first - then birthdays and then it will be christmas again!! No I really shall try this year!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh Sarah, the cushion is stunning. Love the candy stripe on the back as well. You're right, men don't get a lot of things especially the need to have as many cushions as is humanly possible! Good luck with the crochet. I learnt this year but can only muster granny squares as yet.

Country Girl said...

Having just got home from work, I'm enjoying a little bit of silence too.
Love your cushion - very pretty.

delia hornbook said...

Well done, your crochet is looking great keep going at it you we be so proud of yourself in the end. This is something i am detmined to have a go at this year to. Love your cushion what a great idea for the candy stripe i always had these as sheets on my bed when i was living at home, happy memories. And i love your hot water bottle cover so cute. Dee x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Well done cracking the crochet. You will be off in no time.

Love your cushion it is gorgeous. I love all the colours. And cute hot water bottle cover too.

Enjoy your coffee and peace.


charl said...

i love your heart cushion.. was it easy to do???.. its kinda inspired me to have a go at somthing similar!!..

Florrie said...

Hi there Sarah, thanks for visiting........what gorgeous girly're right men will never understand our NEED for pretty things around us.

Love the fact you recycled a sheet for your cushion back.......very thrifty and trendy.

florrie x

Andrea said...

Hi Sarah,
Happy New Year to you.
I have an award I would like to pass onto you. Take a look over at Fin and Gabs to see.
Andrea x

Serenata said...

Wonderful heart cushion and snuggly hottie cover. Well done on your crocheting. Keep on going!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I love your makes, you have been busy. Hope 2011 is a great year for you. Hannah x