Monday, 17 January 2011

Woolly balls

Rain, rain, go away......well, that was a bit of a wet one wasn't it?  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend despite the rain.

My brain seemed somewhat jumbled this weekend and I found it hard to focus on much so spent most of the time flitting between projects and cooking, not a bad combination I guess.

Saturday morning was spent doing some domestic chores and while we were out, I spotted a proper greengrocers!  Oh, I can't tell you how refreshing it was to see fruit and veg piled high tempting us to touch and buy, and did we ever.  It made such a change not to have produce cellophaned in unnecessary packing.  It might sound a little strange for those who have greengrocers local to them, but we, here, seem to be surrounded by supermarkets. 

Having armed ourselves with lots of fresh produce, I set to on our return and made some roasted red pepper and vine tomato soup, chucked in some garlic and celery just for a few more vitamins!  Now, I don't normally cost out meals, but having bought the produce in the morning I thought it'll be an interesting exercise - for £3.00 it fed all 4 of us.  OK, it was only veg, but it was fresh, local, and we were supporting a shopkeeper which made me feel a little virtuous!

Back to woolly balls - last week I spotted this pretty wreath and thought I fancied having a go, using some vibrant colours.

So with one of these

some of those

to do this

you end up with a collection of these

and finally the finished article

I added a wired flower garland as I felt it just needed that bit extra.  It was a very relaxing, easy project which is always good in my book!

Have a good day.


Lynn said...

I absolutely love it! Yet another lovely thing to add to my to do list - or more likely start anyway and leave all my other projects half done - lol!

Vintage Tea Time said...

The wreath is very cute! I love the look of real greengrocers and I agree with you about unnecessary packaging - but I usually try to buy organic (OH has an allotment, so we try not to buy too much veg anyway, but in the winter...), which is, ironically, easier to find in the supermarket. It's finding a balance, isn't it - local, less packaging, organic, fairtrade, cost, distance to carry, etc.

Pretty at Heart said...

How can something so simple be so effective. The wreath is so springlike and cheerful it!

sylviesgarden said...

I love the wreath, the colours you have chosen are so yummy.

charl said...

i love it!!... what a fab idea.. and its soo bright and cheery..

KC'sCourt! said...

I know whgat you mean about greengrocers. I don't like fruit and veg in cellophane.
I love the wreath
Julie xxxxxxx

bellaboo said...

What a clever idea for a wreath,and very effective too!
There is a lovely farm shop near my Mum's house ,so when I visit her we always get all our veg from there,which has been grown locally so you know it's fresh.You never know how long the supermarket stuff has been stored for,and at the greengrocers you can pick out by hand what you want.That soup sounds really delicious.It's so easy to make soup and it's very nutritious too.
Hope you have a lovely week. :0)

Florrie said...

Beautiful wreath, so unique and pretty.

I suppose I'm lucky where I live as we have a farmers market in the town centre almost every Saturday, and as our small market town is surrounded by farms the produce is very fresh, so fresh that the soil is still clinging to the roots........good for our compost bin too.

Your soup sound delicious.

florrie x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Love your wreath so very pretty!

Gosh where was this veg stall. I agree we are slightly awash with just supermarkets around here. We did have one on the high street several years back but when owner died it became other businessess. Which is a shame.


Bella Bobbin said...

That's so pretty! Thanks for sharing! We have a farm shop close to us, I always feel that little bit more virtuous when I buy my vegetables there - and they do the best pies!! x

delia hornbook said...

Wow what a great idea so simple but looks real class and expensive i love it ;-)) I know what you mean about fresh fruit and veg in a small shop we only have one left now in Taunton and then we get the farmers market and the ladies WI on a thursday which is good so we are more lucky than some. Have a lovely week, Dee x

VintageVicki said...

Very pretty :)

We do have a lovely greengrocers in town and I make the effort to go there quite often. He has a great choice of really local, in season things.

maryannlucy said...

Love the woolly wreath, it looks great, I think I may have to plagarise ;-)

The sewing room said...

Love your wreath so imaginative you clever girl.We have a greengrocers up in our village and i love the smell as you walk in fruit salad and veg i suppose we are lucky as we also have a farm shop a short ride away with fresh eggs 3 dozen for £2.00 such a bargain.

Hugs Pat

silverpebble said...

Oh what a fabulous idea - I love the result, it's so spring-like!