Friday, 6 May 2011

Childhood Nostalgia

As a child I was never one for playing with dolls, I much preferred colouring, reading and drawing.  Now in my adult years, I keep being drawn to childhood toys and DOLLS.....

I bought this doll a little while ago - she's from the 50's I think and has her original clothing.

My 2 boys' thought it was hilarious that she didn't have pants on?? - typical boys!  I did chuckle to myself as I sat brushing her hair thinking about how I will have to learn how to make dolly clothes.

Over Easter my mum gave me back my old suitcase which I've always thought about and didn't realise my parents still had it.  Not a huge suitcase but one I used to take to school when I was 5 - always with a clean hankie in and I always remember putting my cardigan in it too.  I was so pleased when I saw it, and just how I remembered it.

Over the past few years I've been recollecting Enid Blyton books, Ladybird books etc.  Whilst out and about last week I saw a little wooden shelf which was ideal for housing and displaying some of the Ladybird books - I think it must have been made for them.

I also spotted this

another game from my childhood - of course I had to buy it. 

It's funny how many of us are drawn to childhood toys and books - I wonder if future generations will too?

Have a lovely weekend.


Mary Jane's Tearoom said...

Love everything Sarah...the little red suitcase is such a treasure!
Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Susan x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Sarah, loved the photos today. I have a massive collection of ladybird books which is housed over a number of shelves.

I was a big fan of dolls when I was little and still have 3 of them, although my daughter is not a doll fan at all.

Have a lovely weekend. xx

Serenata said...

I'm not sure future generations will know how to 'play' with toys, being so hooked on computer games, playstations and what have you.

I'm totally hooked on dolls! LOL Think it came from having to give some away at a very young age when we emigrated.

Oh I remember that game Jack Straws, haven't seen a set like that in a very long time.

PinkCatJo said...

I still love to look at my old Ladybird books. The have so much character and make life seem so simple. Ahhh! x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely little red suitcase! Can just see you trotting off with it, with your clean hanky! Have a good weekend! Abby x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh I know just what you mean.. Nostalgia is a very powerful emotion and we all crave it at times. I love stepping back to those days of innocence through my books and toys. Do you remember the Pedigree Picnic sets that were packed in a little suitcase? I have such fond memories of mine and the doll's tea parties I used to play.
Michele x

delia hornbook said...

aww such lovely things. Love the doll she is really pretty and that little pink elephant is so cute. How lovely to receive your old suitcase back with the happy memories inside. I to have been collecting the Enid Blyton and Ladybird books when i see them its funny how as you get older you appreciate things more. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Nattie said...

My two little ones are just getting into their dollies which I am so pleased about, we even found a similar vintage doll like yours at a car boot recently! Memories and smiles from your post today...thankyou!
Nattie x

Josie-Mary said...

I love those suitcases! I always had one as a child.... in fact right up until I was about 15! I still have them & use them sometimes. I'm not a fan of dolls...then & now! :)

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

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Florence and Mary said...

I'm obsessed with old toys! In fact this weekend I'm hoping to paint an old shelf that will be lined with some toy figures that I've been buying that remind me of childhood!

Victoria xx

Pomona said...

I love the little suitcase - I had one too, and I still have my Ladybird books!

Pomona x

Jooles said...

Gosh, i used to play jack straws! so nice to see all of these childhood things, love your suitcase!
j x

andamento said...

Thanks for visiting. I love your little red suitcase and it still looks in excellent condition too - built to last.