Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Something old, something new

At the weekend I picked up an old metal mop bucket, which had seen better days, but I liked the colour and thought I could put it to good use by planting a cheery Margarita plant in it.  My original plan was to plant some strawberries in it, but mop bucket and food didn't sit too comfortably with me!

I had no plans either to make a blind, but you know when you get a sudden urge.....and my blind was it.  I had all the supplies including 2 rings to thread the ribbon through - it's not often a plan comes together when you don't have to trot to the shops to pick up what you need.

Hubby thinks it's completely useless (from a functional point of view) as it's a faff rolling it up and doing the bows before it goes wonky - but it looks good!

There's lots of stuff I have to do this week, but it's also SAT's week for the Year 6's so I feel it may not be that productive.  Yesterday went well but I feel as the week goes on, we may well have to walk on egg shells.  This is just a warm up I guess, as tests and exams next year will become the norm, which won't be good for my stress levels, never mind Toby's!  I'm glad I have one chilled out son though.

Right, onwards and upwards.



Carmel's Closet said...

Love your old mop bucket Sarah. How pretty your blind is - yes, it's just fabulous when you can crack on without a shop visit.
My son is in Year 8 now and it is a constant stream of assessments and tests. Arrggh.
Have a lovely week.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Such a great use of a mop bucket - love it! Scarlett x

bellaboo said...

We had Austrian blinds(they were 'in' at the time)in the bathroom of our last house and they used to drive Mr Boo crazy!
Love your bucket too. :0)

**Anne** said...

I love the new use for your mop bucket. White flowers in a red bucket, beautiful.
Your blind looks pretty and that is more important than practical. :) Why does it alway have to be practical?
Have a lovely day,
Anne xx

The sewing room said...

Great blind and great idea for the mop bucket.My grandson Jack is doing his sats this week and the school has provided them with a breakfast club so if they have any worries or need to speak to a teacher they can l think its a good idea myself. Hope the sats go okay.

Hugs Pat.

Pomona said...

I really like your blind - I made one like that, too. Don't take any notice your husband - I have one in our B&B and everyone seems to cope!

Pomona x

GardenofDaisies said...

What a pretty blind!! I love the daisies in the bucket!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Your blind is gorgeous and is definitely worth the faff. Beautiful fabric. xx

♥ Miss Tea said...

love the mop bucket, it's such a great idea to put plant in it, i love your blog, so many cute things! im your newest follower! Susan