Friday, 10 June 2011

Things to love and disasters......

Loving the glorious flowers in the garden at the moment, despite the fact it's been so dry up to now, the flowers, in particular roses seem to be flourishing.

Loving my vintage perpetual calender which I picked up for hardly any money. When you see something you've been wanting for long time and for such little money - you almost think it's too good to be true, but this one was perfect.  We tested the date, month and day and they worked!

Loving the colour of these scales.  It is a bit of a faff lining everything up first but I'll get used to them.

Onto disasters - I saw a great recipe for Strawberry Fudge - and so so easy.  Gave it a go - the smell was heavenly.  As I was stirring it whilst boiling I noticed it was rather runny and wasn't getting to the right consistency.  Had a look at the ingredient list again - I had put in too many strawberries and not enough evaporated milk (in theory 1 should have cancelled the other out as the liquid in the strawberries should have made up for the milk) but obviously the milk acts as a thickener (I assume).

This is the result - it tastes wonderful, looks like sludge and requires scooping out.......there's always next time!

My second disaster wasn't actually as bad as I had thought.  All for exercise and de-stressing etc etc, I've been getting on my bike and doing a 30 minute cycle a few times a week. Yesterday was no different to any other day, but on my return home I noticed that my finger had turned purple and it was very painful.  Thinking I might have cut the circulation off I started waving it around.  No joy.  I did cut the same finger with pair of scissors on Sunday so my immediate thoughts turned to gangrene (yes I worry in extremes!).

I trotted off to Boots to ask the pharmacist what they thought. She immediately said I had burst a blood vessel in my finger.  It will be painful but not life threatening (she read my mind).  What a plank eh? 

I won't show you a picture of it as it's pretty yucky.

Thank heavens we're off to London this weekend.  It's my birthday on Monday so we thought it would be a nice break to spend it in London.  I'll report back next week!

Have a great weekend.


**Anne** said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday. Have a wonderful time in London.
Anne xx

Scarlett said...

Happy birthday for monday, hope you have a fabulous time in London.

I love your perpetual calender and scales, would have rehomed both of those in an instance!

Hope your finger gets better soon, I always think the worst too, i think chemists and docs know this is human nature :o) Scarlett x

Alix said...

Pretty flowers and your perpetual calandar makes me feel like heading fot the beach! Hope your finger gets better soon - have a fab birthday!

Dotty said...

Happy Birthday for Monday! Your garden must look stunning with all those beautiful flowers. As for the fudge- my attempt at fudge didnt set, but the kids loved spooning it into their mouths LOL. Hope the finger gets better soon- relieved it doesn't need amputating!!;)

Vintage Tea Time said...

Happy Birthday for Monday! Hope your finger gets better soon. The fudge looks yummy - even though it's sludgy! Have a great weekend! Abby x

sylviesgarden said...

I love your vintage calendar! I've been looking for one for ages too but so far had no luck.

Tabiboo said...

Happy birthday in advance for Monday - have {shopping} fun in London :)

Ouch for the poorly finger - the littlest boo had a blood blister on her foor for ages after stepping on a stone - no socks on tut, tut. It's finally disappeared so I think your finger should be OK.

take care and love the goodies,

Nina x

Bee happy said...

Your garden is looking beautiful :) hope you have a great time in London, I love it there :) don't go to the Tower of London or they may chop it off! (your finger that is!) Happy birthday for Monday hope you get loads of lovely things :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Happy Birthday for Monday!

Love your scales they look fab. And the calender reminds me of the one we had when i was a child. Although ours was just plain black one.

Hope your finger clears up soon. It sounds nasty if not life threatening.

Have a fab weekend.


Country Girl said...

Have a lovely birthday - glad to hear your finger injury is not life threatening!

The sewing room said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you,you know the rest of the song have a lovely day on Monday.What great finds l love the calender and scales and your flowers are so pretty.Ihope your finger gets better soon and thank you for your lovely comment.

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday for Monday!

Victoria xx

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday for Monday and have a fantastic time.
I have been absent from blogging a while but am now catching up with all my fave blogs.
Ilove the Vintage calendar it is great, a real find.
Andrea x

moonstruckcreations said...

Beautiful flowers.

The fudge still sounds yummy, would be nice on some cornish ice-cream...

I love the perpetual calendar, how useful is that!

Have a good weekend, hope the finger gets well soon


Funkymonkey said...

I love the vintage scales and would dearly love some like it. You lucky thing to have found them. Your garden is looking beautiful, especially those huge clematis flowers.

Have a very happy birthday.