Friday, 13 January 2012

For the love of

embroidery hoops and patchwork hexagons, both of which I can't get enough of at the moment.

I remember seeing in Liberty's a couple of years ago, fabric displayed in embroidery hoops which I thought was a novel idea.  I soon came home and replicated it.  You may remember me posting about it.

As my love of hexagons grew, I fancied combining the two.  One, I made towards the end of year using various oddments of fabric.

The one I'm currently working on is a little more structured.  I'm kind of wishing I hadn't used the white fabric but we'll see what the finished article looks like.  The hoop is a big one - 12" in diameter.

It is a cheap way of creating a new hanging item for your wall.  If you don't fancy sewing hexagons together you could just display some pretty fabric with some ribbon, alternatively there's lots of lovely wrapping paper around so that could be another use with the hoop.

Have a lovely weekend!


KC'sCourt! said...

Liberty's always come up with great ideas. I remember when I worked in London in 70's they did some great things with tablecloths - handmade hexagon patchwork ones!
Love your ideas!
Julie xxxxxxx

Isobel said...

I have some embroidery loops and I am thinking on using them just like that. It is a brilliant idea. :)

Tracy said...

I'm just in process of having a go at this idea, I love the hexagon ones and just might have to borrow this idea! X

Dotty said...

Lovely- I just love hexagons and this is a lovely way to show them X

Bee happy said...

It is a really great idea and yours look gorgeous :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics you have in the hoops - and a much better way of appreciating them than having them sitting in a cupboard! I'm psyching myself up to try some hexagon patchwork - it has been on my to do list for ages. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished result.

delia hornbook said...

What a great idea they look amazing ;-)) I might just have to take that idea away ;-)) dee xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Love the patchwork hoops! So pretty and great idea for brightening up a space or wall.

Nice to see you back in blogland! Ahhh yes I do love a little tweaking here and there about the house!


Emma/The Log Cabin xxx said...

Just wanted to say welcome to my blog and thank you for following. Also for your lovely comment.

Love xxx

daisies divine said...

I have become a bit obsessed with emboidery hoops also, not patchwork though - that might be next... Love the patchwork its so pretty.

RubyTed said...

What a lovely idea!! I might have to have a search in my sewing boxes!

Oooh Betty said...

Bit late with my comment here. Found you via Fading Grace and her teawagon!
Just wanted to say that I am loving the hexagon hoops. So gonna make one for my living room. X