Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Books and pretties

Hope everyone's week is going well? - mine is certainly jam packed and non-stop but I won't bore you with the details - I'll get onto more interesting things!

A couple of books arrived yesterday and boy was I looking forward to sitting down lastnight and salivating over the lovely pages, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I've really got into quiliting lately (well I say that, but not actually done anything yet! I've just dreamt of what I'm going to make....).

I flicked through first, looking at all the pictures - what did draw my attention in 'Stitched in Time' was the old muffin tin filled with trimmings and bits and bobs - what a great idea of recycling. I've got an old rusty tin so will put that to good use now.

Don't the Christmas stockings look fab - loving the mantle with the little trees on - simple but effective.

The dolls I think will be my first project - so sweet.

The other book was 'Quilting in No Time' - "weekend projects made easy" The placemats fabrics are to die for and of course the bolster cushion - yummy.

Providing all my orders are up to date before Saturday, I may well give something a go and I can't wait. Having said that Toby has football matches all weekend but I won't let a little thing like football stop me!!

I've also had 2 bags of loveliness still unopened until this morning which I thought I'd share with you. Yet more Enid Blyton books, 1 lovely floral jug, bud vase, and a blue jug. I was also rather taken with the picture, I thought the girl was really sweet. I might paint the frame at some stage!

Last but by no means least some pretty embroideries which I have in mind for a project, don't know when but the plan's there.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back again after the weekend, providing I survive all the activities!

So long folks!


clare's craftroom said...

OMG Look at all that beautiful stuff . The books look great no wonder you are inspired 1

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Those look really lovely. I would love to be able to quilt. I have often dream about the girls sleeping under quilts that i have stitched myself! That other book looks dreamy too. I keep seeing all these craft books around and I really must start buying myself some. Those placemats and dolls are just lovely. Mind you so are the stockings! oh you have got me started now! lol.

Love all your other bits and bobs too. Those jugs are really pretty.

Have a great weekend have fun.


Surfer Rosa said...

I'm dying to try some patchworking as I've aquired a bag of vintage ditsy floral fabric scraps this week .... all I need now is a quiet weekend, but like you I've a football playing Toby which wipes out much of Saturday and Sunday mornings are eaten up with his tennis lesson.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty books - I can't wait to see your dolls. Kate x

Josie-Mary said...

I would like the quilting in no time book, I want to make the place mats. I think I might treat myself!
Love your goodies, have a nice weekend :)

Florence and Mary said...

There's nothing like a good craft book is there!

I've seen the muffin tins used as storage before and I love the idea.

Victoria xx

Jessie Fincham said...

i have the 'quilting in no time' book on order! i can't wait to get it now i've seen a few pics of the inside! :) great blog too.

The sewing room said...

Ooooh l love new craft books only problem is l want to make every thing in them LOL ,and such lovely treasures well done. Enjoy the rest of your weekend hugs Pat

Polka Dot Daze said...

Those books look fab - I'm jealous!

magsmcc said...

Oh, Rosie's birthday banner is tactile fantastic! Imade it for a friend's fiftieth camping party in June and it flew from her tent all weekend! Luckily Irish rain stayed away! And I'm working on a doll for my mother... Beautiful book- and blog (hers and yours both!).