Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A bit of TLC

Poor old Jack has come down with the dreaded lurgy - temperature, sore throat etc etc etc. Lots of children have it so I'm not too surprised he's got it.

Yesterday he spent the whole day doing this.

Whilst flicking through a magazine at the weekend, I saw a great crafting idea to do with children - Make your own Snow Globe. Jack loves the ones he's got so yesterday was the right day to make one.

Choose a small plastic toy - we've got tons of Playmobil so Jack picked a Father Christmas man. Glue the object to a jam jar lid. Pour a small amount of glitter into the jar, then fill to the top with water. Secure the lid tightly and shake to create your own winter scene!

Ha Ha - we did have a slight disaster so we'll use our first one as a prototype! The man came unstuck from the lid and the glitter statically stuck to him..........so fab idea but will need some work.

I used the Slow Cooker yesterday too and it made a great beef stew. I wouldn't say the meat fell apart, but the flavours were really intense and a lot better than cooking it conventionally. So all in all I was really pleased and looking forward to using it again.
Do I dare say it, but I sneakily put out a Christmas decoration at the weekend. Not that you could call it that really......I spotted a set of 3 red toadstools at the garden centre and rather liked them. The centre had done various themes and this one was with toadstools, pine cones, etc - more of a 'nature' setting and it did look good. For me, my toadstools are now on our console table in the hall and there they will stay till the New Year!

Right, on with my Florence Nightingale duties!

Bye for now.


marigold jam said...

I saw that snow globe idea too. No children here though so didn't try it out. Need to make sure the lid is on tightly I imagine and I am guessing that the water would eventually go off but it is a nice idea.

Hope the patient will soon be better.


Michela said...

Best wishes to poor little Jack! Love your snow globe, it seems easy to make!

Jackie said...

Poor little thing ~ I hope he feels better soon. You can't beat good old lego for keeping boys entertained! I love the snow globe idea too :O)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Get well soon Jack, danny is just coming to the end of his antibiotics... Friday afternoon he suddenly had ear ache and then a really high temperature... the doctor gave antibiotics due to the temperature... so ear infection has all gone now! yay!

Happy nursing!

X Alex

Tabiboo said...

Best wishes to the poorly man - hope he feels better soon,

Nina x

ps. I like the snow globe idea - great for kids definitely.

Floss said...

From one Florence to another... Lovely toadstool! We are now at the antibiotics for ear aches stage. Hope Jack is getting better.

Isobel said...

What a lovely snow globe idea! Will have to save it for when the little man here is older enough. :)
I hope your little one gets well soon.

Amy said...

what a great idea! I will try that! xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Those snow globes are such a good idea!! Very clever indeed and so simple!

Pomona said...

Toadstools could count as an autumnal decoration! Hope your little one picks up soon.

Pomona x

Florence and Mary said...

Ahhh your poor little man. I was off work last week unwell, there’s definitely something going around.

Your snowglobe looks great, I love playmobile, I can’t wait till my nephew is older enough to play with it!

Victoria xx