Monday, 16 November 2009

Pre-Christmas ritual

Morning all,

Hope everyone had a good and safe weekend after the recent storms. It was a weekend of 2 halves wasn't it?

Ours was reasonable - lots of football matches for Toby, a meal out with friends on Friday night putting the world to rights (always good) and then flapping around yesterday about lots of silly little things....

Despite lots to do, I had my baking head on Saturday so made a Marmalade cake. The recipe had spices and ginger in and as we had some Marmalade with ginger, I thought this would be the ideal one to use. Scrummy it was too! Can you see the big chunk taken out of the side! Nothing like getting a knife and slicing a piece off!

I have unpacked my CL goodies and they are in a heap on the floor so I'll tease you yet again with just a quick snapshot of them.

At this time of year I have a sense of urgency in clearing out cupboards and having a general sort-out. We are fortunate enough to get lots of charity bags through the letter-box so I always feel good when I select some bags to fill. Mostly NSPCC, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research. Not only are my unwanted items going to a worthwhile cause, but it enables me to sort out and have the items picked up! Fantastic.

What rituals if any do you have in the run up to Christmas? - aside from the obvious!


Felicity said...

oh your country living buys look lovely, i start tidying and re-arranging and baking at this time of year! fliss xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have to get my lounge furniture reorganised so that I can fit in a tree... not sure what the kitten will make of a tree in the lounge though! lol

I am not a great baker... I wish I were... maybe I will have another go... and I really need to have a clear out....

Thank you for your goodies that you sent me .. your dog should be with you any day... I am hoping to do a post today... if I get my arse in gear! ;D


Floss said...

That cake looks great! I think my pre-Christmas rituals are mainly Advent-related - we have the cloth tree and candles and a lot of fun!

Florence and Mary said...

Where did you find that gorgeous Father Christmas jug and how did I miss it!

Victoria xx

Shabby Chick said...

I spy some lovely things! I think the only real ritual I have is having a really good spring clean before we put the decorations up (caught this habit from my Mum I think) and also trying to discreetly cull the number of toys before we get given yet more!!!

Mel xxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Your CL living goodies look pretty. I was not able to go this year.
I must say, your cake looks delicious! I'd have to make mine without the peel.
Isabelle x

Isobel said...

Hi Sarah,
I love doing a good old sort out at this time of the year too. I have done one in my wardrobe and now we are waiting til we move for a good big one around the entire house.
BTW, that cake looks yummy!!

Bubble said...

thanks for your comment! I am joining your lovely blog!

cake looks lovely! Amy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

The cake looks good! I have taken to making huge amounts of banana cake (and adding giner & cinnamon) yum yum!

Your C&L goodies look lovely!
I don;t know about you, but I found the whole place so crammed with people, I was completely overwhelmed by everything and didn't know where to start looking!

Rose XXX

Michela said...

Hi there any slice of that yummy cake left for me?!
Pre-Christmas rituals..let me see..maybe the washing up of more than 50 china jugs that we have in our kitchen?!(and before Easter of course ;-)