Monday, 4 January 2010

Back to the routine

I don't know about anyone else, but what a jolt it was this morning, having to get up early,make pack lunches and then the icy cold drive to school. I even had ice on the inside of my windscreen!

Still, it's a routine which I had to face at some stage, so may as well get on with it! Now I'm back and had my
caffeine fix, I'm kind of ready for the day. The house feels remarkably quiet, and as I have plenty to keep me occupied I can press on in earnest.

Over the Christmas break, I was determined (besides crochet) to do some crafting projects for myself - 2 of which I would like to present to you today! Firstly - anyone who doesn't have this book, should really get it, if you have any spare pennies! I could quite happily do any of the projects listed. Both my projects came from it.
The first is the kitchen curtain. I've done my one with slightly smaller squares and the finished article hangs quite nicely in front of the tumble dryer. It's quite simple - sew your squares together to the right size, hem all the way round, then thread net curtain wire through the top and then hang with eyelets.
The second project was a little more complex, well it actually wasn't too bad except that I hadn't read the instructions properly (that will teach me). I then cut the wadding too short - doh. The sewing machine also started to play up. All of that aside, I think it turned out rather well. Sorry for the wonky photo - I was balancing on a chair!
Here's a close-up As always the photo's don't do the fabrics justice, but you get the the idea. I'm looking forward to getting on with some other projects from the book as the week's go on - in between everything else which will no doubt crop up!

Have a good day - bye for now!


Michela said...

Hi Sarah! What a great selection of fabrics!...the owly ones looks fabby!
Love your makes, can't wait to see your next projects!

bellaboo said...

Love the curtain you made. Makes the kitchen all cottagy.I think I'll get hold of some CK samples and make one too.Can I see a butler sink there?...Oh I would love one in my kichen!
Hope you are keeping warm and cosy there.


Sal said...

Hi Sarah! The book looks good and I love your fabrics!
My house is also remarkably quiet today!

Tabiboo said...

The book looks fabulous and what a great idea - a curtain, but mine would be for the washing machine!!

We had an extra day off today, but back to the routine tomorrow and heavy snow is forcasted tonight - then again maybe the schools will have to shut for a wee while longer.

Have a fabulous day and happy new year,

Nina xx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah
I love your kitchen curtain - the colours are my favourites, pink and green! How pretty. I have to make a curtain to hide our washing machine so I may just take your tip on board...!
I hope the first week of January goes well for you,
wishing you Happy Days,
Denise x

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

The owl fabrics you are using are adorable!

lou said...

Haven’t you done all looks lovely... I love the Owl fabric!

Love Lou xxx

Josie-Mary said...

I've looked at that book before, it looks very good. Love your fabric. I've been making myself something over the Christmas period but I need to hurry up now because I should be making things for my web site :(

Pomona said...

Maybe crochet for 8 year olds is what I need! And I love your patchwork - happy new year to you, and I agree, roll on the spring!

Pomona x

Petit Filoux said...

Love the curtain!! Such a good idea!!!

Happy new year x