Friday, 8 January 2010

If all else fails

do as the poster says.......
Oh yes, I may throw caution to the wind and just go for it today. Our school was reopened today, and whilst I completely agree that the country shouldn't stop because of snow, and that schools' are caught between a rock and a hard place. They'll get criticised no matter what. For the record, I think they should open providing it's safe enough, which I'm sure most of them try to do.

My gripe was the difficulty in getting the boys' to school. It took 30 mins to do just over 2 miles, and I'm astounded at the speed of other cars and how close they drive to the car in front. The road near us doesn't get any sun so driving on it was like driving on an ice-rink (not that I have!). Even the main roads were precarious. My fear is doing the same route again to pick them up at lunch time. Oh well.....

The picture below is certainly a better image compared to what we have to face with when venturing out, don't you think?

Despite the boys' being at home, I've pressed on with work and I'm still managing to squeeze in projects for myself. The latest one is below. I have so many 'old' buttons, threads, needles etc and at the moment, they're hiding in a box. I thought buying a box frame, lining it with some fabric and adding some 'notions' to it is a perfect display. I may do some more, but the Hobby Craft box frame was quite expensive, so an Ikea trip might be due soon!

Enjoy the weekend and whatever further snow we may have!


claire said...

love the box frames - excellent could make your fortune selling them if you could find the right outlket!!! That's if you could bear to part with them!!
I have 2 big boys of school..the little one's school is open, but its walking distance. And I haven't sent the baby to the childminder today as I don't want to drive. I trust myself - its all the other idiots!!

Andi's English Attic said...

I drove husband to the station - the petrol station. I've seen too many cars get stuck on the slope out of the train station so won't drive down there in this weather.
Great boxes. Agree you would do well to make and sell, I think there's probably a market out there. xx

marigold jam said...

Love those boxes - takes me back seeing all those items which my mother used to have in her sewing box! We aren't able to get out at all by car being on a steep slope which gets no sun and seeing a 4 wheel drive slipping and sliding the other day nobody in our road has tried! I am off to the hairdresser's later but it will have to be on foot - not much point in having a hairdo and then covering it up with a wooly hat but I need the trim!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love your box frames... what a lovely memento... I am not even sure if Jamie's school is open... she has a 50 minute bus journey to get there and to be honest I was so warm and cosy in bed this morning I could not see the pint of checking on the radio and internet to see if it was open.... so naughty but hey its friday! ;D


PinkLady said...

My daughter missed her very first day of preschool due to closure yesterday. :( Hopefully she'll be able to go next week.

The box frame is such a fantastic idea. I have loads of that kind of stuff bought in an old sewing box at a boot sale. May have to use yours as inspiration!

bellaboo said...

Can't believe we've only had the snow since Wednesday seems ages!
love those frames..might pinch that idea for some of my vintage stuff...otherwise it's just sitting in a drawer somewhere and not appreciated.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have just checked and Jamie's school is still closed... the ones that have opened are stating "only if it is safe for you to get there" which I think is a good idea...


Kate said...

I love doing box frames as well, they are expensive to buy though aren't they, I have found a few in the charity shop that had hideous bright pink gerberas in them, there was 3 the same, and bless her the woman in the shop said "aren't they lovely where will you be putting them?" I didn't have the heart to say I'd be taking them apart so I just mumbled maybe the bathroom lol.
We have another snow day here as well so it will be another day in for me.
Take care

Florence and Mary said...

I agree with you, it's ridiculous how we come to a halt at the mere hint of snow but equally if they're not gritting the roads (and pavements for that matter!) then I'm not driving around on them! And it's not getting to place it's the uncertainty of whether you can get home again!!!

Ok so that's my moan over with!!!

I love your box frame... I want to do a few of these this year, do you have a Range locally? They do box frames

Victoria xx

A Country Girl said...

Our schools are still closed, and with good reason. Very deep snow here today!
Lovely boxes, by the way.

LittleGem said...

Hi Sarah,
Love the box frame it looks fab, and is a lovely way to display those vintage bits that you don't want to use but don't want to keep hidden :) lovely! xx

Floss said...

I have the same snap fasteners! I would love to try a project like that. I wonder if one could find box frames in charity shops... I suspect so!

We have the crazy situation around Toulouse that snow was forecast, the school buses were cancelled and scholars warned of school closures, and now the snow hasn't come yet most teachers and pupils aren't there! I had a very odd day teaching with my own children in tow...

Carol said...

Your box frames are lovely.
I wish you a very happy new year and good luck with all your new projects.
Carol x

Petit Filoux said...

Most people don’t know how to drive in snowy conditions safely. Or rather, most forget to use their brain!! I’ve seen people getting locked in 1st gear trying to get up a tiny incline and failing miserably, and someone going down a busy one way road the wrong way just because of the snow!

Oh and my favourite bit of the poster has got to be the chocolate mention!

Lydia said...


What a lovely idea - I have a frosted box frame in the Attic - I think you may have inspired me to do something with it! Loved the patchwork skirt you made for the washing machine as well.

As for the snow - I do wonder if our school was shut a little too quick - 10am Tuesday we got the call to pick up ASAP. I've been off work this week, so not a problem, but would have been difficult to manage this time last year when working in a hospital.

Roll on next week....


Vintage Amethyst said...

Love the box frame, so lovely.

Tabiboo said...

The boxes are adorable - I love old package stuff!!

Hope you made it home safely at lunchtime?

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina x

Redneck Junkers said...

Sweet shadow box and I adore that snowy scene with all the animals. Unfortunately you are right....our scene here is not as whimsical and YES!...people do drive way to fast for conditions...I dont mind if they want to risk their own life by dont take me with you fool!
Darlie of
the Redneck Junkers

Josie-Mary said...

The box frames look great, what a good idea.
I hate leaving the house when the weathers like this, don't want to take a tumble :(

♥ Amy ♥ said...

They are great, what a brilliant idea! xxx

summerfete said...

Ooh hello thanks for your comment on my crochet!
Loving your pictures!