Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Did you all do something fun or did you do what we did? - veg out trying to finish off alcohol and chocolate in order to start 2010 the right way! Unfortunately I couldn't make it to midnight and fell asleep, however we were woken up at 3.45 am with the phone ringing - a text message saying 'I've drunk too much champagne, but looking forward to drinking more in 2010' (or words to that effect). Not sure who it was, but we did see the funny side to it.

I can't believe we are here at the beginning of another year. As much as I feel sad Christmas is over, I do welcome January in as much as I look forward to a new calendar!, getting stuck into new projects, a vase full of flowers once the decorations have been put away, and generally having a good sort out.

Speaking of projects - this one is still on the go - and yes it's for 8+ but it's got to be basic for me to get my head round crochet!

I know I posted about it earlier in 2009, but it got put on the back burner due to work commitments. As a rule I don't make New Year's resolutions as the disappointment of not sustaining them is too great! However, my crochet is one I'm determined to get under my belt - wish me luck. I'll probably be posting about still trying to learn in 2011!

At this time of year, I like getting creative and during the Christmas break started and finished! a couple of projects which I'll share with you next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the start of the year, have a fantastic weekend ready for the onslaught of the routine again next week!


Michela said...

Happy New Year Sarah!!! All the best to you and your family!

Sal said...

Happy New Year, Sarah!
Hope it is a good one for you!

Isobel said...

Happy New Year, Sarah and hope you have a great time crocheting!

Florence and Mary said...

Happy New Year Sarah!

I haven't mastered crochet yet so you're one step ahead of me!

I can't wait to see your 2010 projects

Victoria xx

♥ Amy ♥ said...

Happy new year Sarah! xx

Josie-Mary said...

Happy new year Sarah, let's hope 2010 is a good one for us all! Love the crochet did make me chuckle :) good luck!

bellaboo said...

Am new to your blog and now following.
Going to get to grips with crochet this year.
Happy 2010!


VintageVicki said...

I've got a child's knitting kit - I will crack this knitting lark in 2010!!

Happy New Year

Vicki xx

Country Bliss said...

Happy New Year, good luck with the crochet.
Yvonne x

lou said...

That is on my list, must learn how to crochet!

Happy new year too you all…love Lou xxx

BERTIE x said...

A Very Happy New Year to you Sarah.
Bertie x

Tabiboo said...

...and very Happy New Year too Sarah.

Don't worry it took me a year to learn the basics!!

Here's to 2010,

Nina xxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Happy New Year to you sarah!

I am sure you will get this crochet lark licked this year! I am rooting for you.


Andi's English Attic said...

Have a wonderful 2010. I want to learn to crochet too, so good luck to you and looking forward to seeing the results (which I'm sure will be sooner than you think). xx

Lynne said...

Hi, I've just called in from Tabiboo's. Happy new year to you and good luck with your crochet. I do like your header.

Julie said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog, and Happy New Year to you. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Year - we did just the same - I think once you've got kids the urge to go out at New Year sort of slips away - too exhausted after Christmas, I didn't make it to midnight this year either. I'd love to learn to crochet too - I wanted to try to learn last year, but never found the time, so I will watch your progress with interest and hope to pick up a few tips along the way!x

A Country Girl said...

Good luck with the crochet - I've been trying to learn off and on for months.
Must try harder!

Libby Buttons said...

What a funny text message! I just adore your blog.
Happy New Year and may peace and prosperity be yours in 2010!
LiBBy BuTTons

Redneck Junkers said...

So happy to have found your blog! Great stuff here.
the Redneck Junkers

silverpebble said...

One of my 2009 resolutions was the crochet one. I didn't manage either! Looks as though you're doing brilliantly in 2010 already.

Happy New Year! Here's to a great one.

Emma x

Alison said...

*Happy New Year*

Carmel said...

I picked myself up one of these today. I've spent two weeks trying to figure out instructions in How To books from the library, but they just lose me. I am hoping that something aimed at 8 year olds will light up the path to crochet for me.