Thursday, 29 April 2010

Uncle Dan's Book about Trees

Whilst waiting for Dunster castle to open on Saturday, we went into a second hand bookshop whilst waiting for the castle to open.  Not your usual second hand bookshop as there were lots of rare and 1st editions - way out of my price league.  However I spotted this book

and fell in love with the cover.  It's very fragile and the pages are so thin, I daren't turn them!  Unfortunately there's no date on it so wouldn't like to guess at it's age.

It's basically a book about the trees you can find in England.  Each page is a delight and gives a lovely potted history of each tree.

Reading the back page it seems that Uncle Dan produced a number of books - 'An Uncle Dan book is always greeted with delight, because there is no doubt that Uncle Dan knows books - that children enjoy.  His books are full of colour and interest on every page'.  I might have to do some research into Uncle Dan - unless anyone can fill me in???

Moving on - whilst reading Vanessa's blog - Do you mind if I knit, I noticed she's written a pattern for Coats Craft's website - a knitted rosette, and there's a free pattern to download.  She showed some examples of one's she's made on her blog and she's added them to bags - they look great.  Take a look if you get a chance.  There's my next project lined up!

Bye for now!


bellaboo said...

What a lovely book..and such sweet pictures.It looks in very good condition.I love the fact about the horse chestnuts being given to horses 'to cure them of coughing and broken wind'!!..hence the name.

Bellaboo :0)

winnibriggs said...

Wow that book is great. love those old illustrations they just have so much appeal.

KC'sCourt! said...

What a fantastic book!
I actually live in Minehead just on from Dunster

Serenata said...

Lovely looking book, must be a delight to read with all the gorgeous illustrations.

Looking forward to seeing your rosette!

Petit Filoux said...

Hello there!! I’ve just a look at your blog to see what I’d missed during the last month, and it was as pleasant as usual!! Thanks for having such a lovely blog x