Thursday, 23 September 2010


I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to blog this week, it's been a whirlwind of activity, some good and some not so good.

Inbetween all of this, we've had brain numbing trips to various secondary schools, and I don't think we've undertaken such a stressful process.  Like many parts of the country, getting into the school of your choice doesn't always follow and you have to think quite strategically, especially with secondary schools as the quality can vary greatly.

We have 2 good secondary school choices, 1 of which was in the top 40 Sunday Times list.  Of course, everyone wants to go there, we live out of catchment, but go to an in catchment primary school (which does help).  Anyway, whilst wandering around, it bought back many memories of my secondary school days.

This particular school does woodworking and we happened to stand and watch some of the lesson.  I remember very vividly standing in my woodworking class one day and I must have had new shoes, probably about 12 yrs old.  I looked down at them and they were browny/tan in colour and they had a tassle (all very grown up!).  There was a mark on them, and I remember licking my finger and bending down to wipe it off!  That's it - nothing about the class, nothing about what I was making, but I just recall the shoes.

Funny what we remember!

Moving on - my mum has recently given me back this book from childhood -

Not sure how old I was, but I loved the pictures, this was my favourite poem.  The Jumblies seemed so sweet with their blue hands and green faces!

Interestingly enough, the author says "I have made this book especially for you; but not just for you, also for myself; not the present, grown-up self but the old self, the one left behind in childhood.  In memory, I have gone back to those days and I have tried to recall some of the verses I learned and loved then, and have drawn them as I remember them..............I want to make you look again at things, always noticing something new which you missed at first - the shape of a leaf - the wonderful colours of berries and flowers - the birds and animals and insects - all there for you to see if you will stop a moment"

Don't you think that's so true?  Certainly very poignant for me this week.

What do you vividly recall from your childhood?


Anne said...

Good luck with secondary school hunting.
I had two books I loved when I was a child. They were Little Golden Books, Thumper and Tootle. They were never kept for me but I did manage to find copies in an op. shop a few years ago which made me very happy.
Have a great day.

Tabiboo said...

What a lovely book.

We too are trawling around secondary schools at the moment, but it all hangs on 11+ results - we have fingers crossed for the grammar schools, but as you say - everyone wants to go there.

Here's keeping my fingers crossed - for us both.

Nina xxx

marigold jam said...

I'm so glad all that school stuff is behind me now - best of luck and hope you get a decent school in the end.

Childhood - so many things take one back and how good it would be if we cough recapture some of the wonder and innocence of those days - we get so taken up with "stuff" once we are grown up and forget sometimes that to be as a child would be so good.

Jane x

Pea Green Kitty said...

Thats a sweet little book, I love the illustrations and the authors words are so true!
I loved Poetry as a child (still do) and my favourite books were A Childs Garden of Verses by Robert Loius Stevenson and one called Gargling with Jelly which was very funny!
I still have both of those books and reading them brings back so many memories.

Country Style Living said...

Good Luck with the secondary school process, it's a tough choice to make. My son has just started this year, as he didn't pass his 11+, we decided to go for the next best school in our area, which means him either catching the bus or me taking and fetching him, which I am doing at the moment, until he settles in. There is so much to consider, cost of transport etc. Luckily 3 weeks in he seems to be OK, not loving it! but coping...Hope it works out for you too...

Emma said...

Oh wow that brought back memories, I had that book as a child...x

Debbie said...

Your vintage book has beautiful and very cute illustrations!


Andrea said...

Hi Sarah,

That is a really lovely book, lovely pictures, sure it does bring back lots of great memories. My favoutite books which mostly stick in my mind are the Malory Towers books from Enid Blyton, I just loved them and still have my set, which I am keeping for Gabs!
Good luck with the school hunting. I have just had to apply for Gabs to go into the junior section of her school even though it is only over the playground!!! I am not even thinking what we will do if by some chance she did not get in, Fin is in the juniors for 2 more years so I can't be at 2 schools at 9am !!!
Enjot the rest of your weekend,
Andrea x

swedishouse said...

Hellllooo Sarah
YES! It finally came back in stock so pleased with it and the cards too! So thankful that I spotted it on your blog and you inspired me ;-D
Have a great week ahead

Green thumb said...

Hi Sarah, have a good week and best of luck for your school hunting!

rachel said...

I've just discovered your blog and going backwards first saw the robin and knew staight away where the pictures was from.
I also have this book from my childhood the pages and pictures take me back to being a little girl and it's a book I will never be parted with.
Keep up the great blog!