Thursday, 9 September 2010

Vintage this and vintage that

Whilst on holiday (which does seem like an age ago), I managed to pick up some pretty bits and bobs along the way.

I had always yearned for one of those old Enid Blyton style school posters from the 50's and when we went to Totnes (This 'n' That) - I managed to get one!  It was quite dangerous as there were so many tempting goodies and Lesley who owns the shop was lovely to chat to!

Here's what I got -

The photo doesn't do these yellow melamine cups and sauces any justice at all!

Here's my poster, now framed.

The Vintage at Goodwood Festival was obviously a bit of a shopping mecca and I was lucky enough to pick these up, I think this stall must have bought the contents of an old shop as most items were in their original packaging, including these hankies and beauty set.  I'm reluctant to separate them from the packaging so will leave them as they are for now.

A couple of pretty pink plastic hangers

Mr Fisherman

and finally my bargain of the year - a Cath oil cloth bag at half price.

Bye for now!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, some lovely finds, Sarah. Likewise, I found some melamine picnic ware recently in a soft blue. I love the shapes of the cups, don't you? And the feel of the melamine is so much nicer than the plastic used for lots of picnicware today. Mr Fisherman is rather fun too - I bet he could tell a tale or two!!
Happy days to you,
Denise x

marigold jam said...

Looks as though you had a successful time there!


Anne said...

Someone has been having oodles of fun! :-)

silverpebble said...

Such finds! Lucky lucky you x

Floss said...

Wonderful finds! I do have an awful, guilty feeling that when I started teaching in 1991 I might have, with my colleague the new head teacher, thrown away some of those posters... I don't actually remember doing it, but it's just a lurking fear, as the old school we took over was certainly stuck in a mid-century timewarp...

Tabiboo said...

Ooooohhhh such goodies and I love your casual laid back kind of guy Mr Fisherman!!

Nina xxx

Little Messy Missy said...

Love the fisherman!

Andi's English Attic said...

Wonderful. I like the picture especially, and that little pink mirror looks slightly familiar. I wonder if I had one? xx

carol at home said...

The poster looks wonderful framed, you found some lovely things.

Annie said...

You found some lovely things, I love the 50s posters too, I have just hung a seaside one in my bathroom. Love your Cath bag too, it's a great design.
Ann x

Andrea said...

I love your Mr Fisherman image, Fantastic!! A Cath bag half price is always a bargain!!