Friday, 1 July 2011

A bit of a boy thing

Hooray! the sun is out and the weather is set to be good for the weekend.  Hopefully summer is here....

Toby went on his first residential this week (albeit for 2 nights and 10 mins up the road - don't ask).  Prior to him going, I ran through all his bits and bobs explaining don't put wet clothes next to dry, all dirty clothes in a carrier bag, and flannel etc to go in the plastic bag to save getting everything else wet. 

Well, he returned after having a great time.  I unpacked everything and at first glance I thought he had done really well as he had done exactly what I asked. I unloaded the toilet bag, and guess what.........nothing had been used...apart from brushing his teeth which only got done once..........I didn't investigate any further as I didn't really want to know.  Let's just say he had a really good shower and a long session with the toothbrush! BOYS.....

A couple of weeks ago, FIL came round with a big plastic box full of cars.  We left it in the garage until last night when I thought I'd have a rummage to see if it was worth keeping any of them.  Now I know you ladies are probably not into toy cars! but I thought you might appreciate this little beauty.

I'm definitely claiming it for myself - loving the little plastic plant on the table.

Just to finish off with something girly - my next project -

We've got a chair in our bedroom which could do with a makeover.  I've always lusted after the patchwork chairs in Cath Kidston but I don't lust the price. 

Having never done upholstery before I thought I'd give it a go - starting off with the seat and then going from there.  It might require some mathematical logic to get it right so will rope in  hubby for that one!  I'll let you know how I get on.

Have a great weekend!


Claire said...

Hey Sarah, isn't that caravan to die for?.............It's wonderful, well done FIL. Ooooh, it's cute.

The patchwork cover for the chair will no doubt look wonderful. Janet over at 'The Empty Nest' blog has made heaps of slip covers complete with piping on the edges, so it might be worth your while popping over there and checking out some older posts.

Can't wait to see the finished article, good luck with it and don't worry about your lad. Boys will be boys, still have to tell my sons to have a shower .........and he's 20, yikes!!

Have a great weekend,

Claire :}

Dotty said...

Fabulous camper van! Well done to your boy for using the toothbrush at all! You don't want to know the state my boy came back in from 2 week Scout camp!!!!Thank God for the all-pervading smell of wood smoke

**Anne** said...

What a cute caravan. I would have had some fun with that if I'd had one as a kid.
Looking forward to seeing your patchwork for the chair.
Have a lovely weekend,
Anne xx

Liz said...

Love the little caravan - it is so cute!

KC'sCourt! said...

BOYS and Showers do get better, I know I have three boys:~))
Love the caravan!
Looking forward to seing the patchwork
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

Wouldn't mind the full size version of that little caravan!! looking forward to seeing your finished chair! Cx

Alix said...

Sweet little caravan! As for boys on residential trips - I used to be (am, but only part-time) a teacher and you wouldn't believe how much we used to nag and cajole them on the washing front! They'd try to outsmart us by dampening flannels and whipping toothbrushes under taps, but the mud on their necks, the sleep in their eyes and the less-than-fresh breath told another story!

VintageVicki said...

Typical male - big son is still using the first bar of soap I sent him to cub camp with when he was 8 - he's now 15. Only this year has he started actually washing at camps - the last one he showered and washed his hair - there must have been a female lurking around ;)

Gorgeous caravan - just wish I had a real one like that.

sylviesgarden said...

Wow, great caravan!
I'm looking forward to seeing how the patchwork turns out.