Thursday, 14 July 2011


I apologise about my lack of posts and comments at the moment - it's been a whirlwind and frenzy of activities these last few weeks, and more so with the end of primary school for Toby.

We all know that at some point our children leave the comfy confines of primary school to move onto bigger pastures, but I didn't quite realise how traumatic the whole experience was.  More so for parents I think.  Having been to a talk by the head of Yr7 at the new secondary school, he highlighted the anxieties the children might have.  In actual fact, they were more about my anxieties rather than my child.

I don't mean about making new friends, getting lost in a big school, homework and all of those things (although they are present in the back of my mind).  It's more about my little boy growing up and becoming independent.  He doesn't look like a primary school boy now - he's definitely ready for what secondary school throws at him.  I only wish I was at the same level.......

Don't get me wrong, I will rise to the new chapter in his life with him, but I think we as parents' can feel a little sad about the transition.

I'm ready to wind down now - fortunately we finish on Friday (all our teacher training days are in 1 week, which is next week).  Reports are out, SAT results are back (no complaints, phew), leavers service is over, leavers party done, music concerts done, sports day done.  Just got to get through today and half of tomorrow, teachers' presents to give and then we can slob out!

Enjoy the day!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Yes it does seem such a big thing now, I think with so many schools being from nursery to juniors (as was). I have a few years yet before my eldest goes to secondary although she seems to be very aware that on her return after the hols she will be in year 3 and a gear step up! She seems to be doing ok at the mo so I am sure she will be fine!

Hope you have a lovely summer break! We have until next Thursday to get through!


delia hornbook said...

ohh i had a lump in my throat reading your post i am in the same position as you my little one starts high school in Sept and he to just seems far to little. Its hard sometimes to let them go as we want to protect them. You enjoy the summer holidays, take care, dee x

Jooles said...

I know exactly how you feel...parenting is a tough job that's for sure, but the best job too :o)
in our eyes they always seem too little for the next step but they are surprising and amazing little things!
enjoy the rest
j x

Tabiboo said...

We have another week and then that's it - phew!

We had tears last night about moving on up to big, big school - missed friends and scary new opportunities.

I'm hoping that was the only minor wobble. Finger crossed.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x