Monday, 15 June 2009

Onto better things.....

Thank you all for you birthday wishes at the weekend, I had a great time and it was a welcome relief after the week I had!

I started the weekend with vigour by going out with a couple of friends for a meal. We've been doing this for so long now, we are all completely relaxed with each other and always put the world to rights.

Hubby kindly bought me a lovely bunch of fragrant flowers, a 'no brainer' magazine which is always good to read every now and then! and a beautiful white chocolate and raspberry cake from Marks.

On Saturday afternoon we went to my parents to have Pimms in the garden, the boys played their games, opened some presents and then had a scrummy tea. One of the presents was a lovely genuine spool from a mill in Lancashire - look how big it is. I love it. It's proudly sitting in my work room.

My other present from them was a basket full of lovely garden bits.

From my chums I had wine, CK mugs, candles and some great jewellery, so all in all I was a lucky girl.

We weren't looking forward to yesterday that much as Toby had 4 hours worth of football tournaments and it was indoors! Hubby took him and I stayed behind and diligently painted the decking which is one of those necessary tasks! I'm itching to get the pink paint out and do the shed......along with maybe the garden chairs and table but that may be a little too much!

Anyway, Toby got back hot and tired, but he had been awarded 'Manager's Player of the Year' and got a great big trophy! He was so pleased with it, it slept with him in his bed lastnight! We took a picture of him when he was asleep.........and can use that as blackmail when he's a stroppy teenager!!!!!

On Thursday I'm off PYOing with my mum and I'm hoping to get some gooseberries to make some gooseberry jam. I bought a book at the Eden Project called Preserving and it's got so many good jam, marmalade, fruit curds and pickle recipes in it. I'll let you know at the end of the week how I get on.

See you then.


The sewing room said...

Sounds like you had an amazing birthday, love your pressies and well done to your son let me know about your jam making goes as i have goosegogs growing in my garden have a good week hugs Pat

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a fun filled birthday!! Friends, family and kids bringing home trophies. You'll have to take some pics when your put up your jams!

bex said...

that spool is huge! good luck with the picking

lou said...

Sorry I’m late too wish you a happy birthday; I have been busy making things for the fete.
Well it looks like you done well with your presents! I must have missed that book at the Eden project.

We have got so many strawberries’ looks like we will be making lots of jam.

Love Lou xxx
PS. a belated happy birthday!!! :0)

Floss said...

Wow! I have a spool like that too, but with strong, thin string on it! I bought it ages ago (somewhere in the North, probably Cumbria so not too far from Lancashire) and I have actually used the string for craft projects ever since. It is so fine yet so reliable. I think they're lovely things to look at, too. Glad you had a great birthday - mine's on Saturday!

Florence and Mary said...

What lovely gifts, glad to hear you had a lovely birthday.

Victoria xx

noelle said...

sorry i am sending such belated birthday greetings, was off sick and blogging was not on my list of things to do . Your pressies look great. x x x

Jemm said...

Happy Birthday to you too!! What day was it??

rachel the krafty girl said...

sounds like you had a really nice birthday.
and what sweet thoughtful gifts