Friday, 12 June 2009


Is all I have to really say on this week, and boy I'm glad it's almost over. I'm not normally a 'doom and gloom' sort of person, but it seems that if 1 or 2 things go wrong in a week, everything else has to follow.

I hope you're sitting comfortably as I'm just about to spill out what has happened this week!

I was in quite good spirits on Monday, we'd had a nice week away, it wasn't my turn to do the school morning run, so the boys went off happily and all was good. Picked the boys up from school - they asked to play in the park outside of school - I said 'no' as I had stuff to do. Toby then called me 'mean'. I did let it go.........until we got home.

They got the 'new' football out of the garage and started playing. 5 minutes later I see them waving long bits of wood around which they had got out of the garage 'What are you doing I shouted' 'We've lost the ball, so using the wood to shake the bushes' said the boys.

Out I went with the broom to see if I could help. 20 minutes later I was extremely cross as I couldn't understand how a football could be lost in a matter of minutes......Anyway we eventually found it, but by then I was hot and bothered and hadn't done the things I needed to do which is why I hadn't gone to the park......out pours the 'I'm mean am I' bit 'taking you away last week, buying you a football' blah blah blah. I did get an apology so that was that.

Tuesday came - (yes we're still only on Tuesday!). I cut the back grass and put my hand in a load of foxes poo - yuck, stepped back with a watering can and caught my back on the gate catch . The phone rings at 2pm - it's the school - 'can you come and pick Jack up as he's been sick'. I put the phone down and go into frenzy mode - anyone who knows me knows I have a phobia about 'sick'. A real genuine, proper phobia. Off I go to the school shaking like a leaf armed with a bowl and lots of towels.........

Poor little mite he was very pale and not happy as you can imagine. The head said he hadn't eaten much of his lunch etc etc. As there was only an hour left of school, I asked if I could take Toby which was fine. He came out, we all got in the car - Jack said he was 'hungry' - hello??? On the way back whilst trying to be brave (me that is), I open the windows and pray that Jack isn't sick, Toby then says he didn't want to come home as he was going to miss PE, and anyway he's lost his 'brand new' trainers in the space of 24hrs. AAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH is all I had to say. Got home, fortunately Jack took himself off to bed, I sat down and tried to work out where on earth he had picked the bug up from.

Wednesday came, Jack was a little better but obviously stayed at home. Toby went to school and at 8.20 a man came to sort out my rear bumper (remember that from last week when hubby reversed into what he called mud). 5 hours later he finished????!! off he went. As I shut the garage door, I noticed that my bonnet wasn't shut properly so I lifted it up, dropped it down and it didn't catch - oh poo I thought. Phoned hubby - who thought I had it fully open, resting on the arm thing you have - 'doh, I'm not that bad'! 'Dunno he said, I'll have to look at it when I get home'.

As I couldn't pick Toby up, I then arranged for someone else to pick him up. By this point I was very teary which isn't me at all.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, we just had an Actimel spillage all over the table cloth, and the green beans got knocked over in the wind and snapped.

Jack is now fine and has gone to school. I'm nervously anticipating the next disaster, but really hope not - I'm out tonight for a meal with some friends as it's my BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!! - yippee!

I will be somewhat relieved when tomorrow arrives. The 13th may be unlucky for some, but not for me! (I hope).

Phew, I feel somewhat relieved I have got that off my chest. Those of you who have got to this point of the post - thanks for reading all the way through. It's a pants of a post isn't it?


Jackie said...

Oh Sarah, that does sound like a very bad week ~ lets hope that next week is a whole lot better. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday and a lovely weekend too :O)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ohpoor you i think we all have weeks like that from time to time but that means your guaranteed a good week next week ;-)
and have a fab birthday !
Lesley x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Happy birthday and I know exactly what you mean and I have posted a very similar story today too... except mine is PTA related... I know good and bad need to be balanced so you and I both are due some really good days! lol

take care
and we are all here to listen and lighten you load

take care

bex said...

ohh dear, hope your weekend is better!! and have a great birthday tomorrow!!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh no, its horrid when you have such a pants week! where you real feel at the end of your tether. I hope you have a real great birthday with lots of family time and pressies! and a better week next week.

And sometimes its just better to get it off your chest.


calicodaisy said...

Wow! Maybe it's just the price you paid in advance for a great birthday weekend. Hope all is well and you have a great day.

The sewing room said...

Happy Birthday to you have a fabulouse time and put your bad week behind you and enjoy yourself. HUGS PAT

Josie-Mary said...

Morning birthday girl!!!! Hope you have a fab day.
Your week sounds rubbish, hope it gets better today :)

Cowboys and Custard said...

Isn't it a pig when life does that to you! I have days like that.. and I feel I am cursed or being punished for something.. like eating the last Tunnocks caramel wafer .
I do hope you had a fabulous Birthday and that it all made up for your eventful week....
Happy Belated Birthday Sarah..

Michele xx

Bobo Bun said...

What a week hey. When the buns are draining me like that - beating each other up, whingeing and crying I wonder why I ever did this to myself. Thank god life's not always like that.

Hope the birthday went well.

Lisa x

Floss said...

Tuning in late, here. I do hope things are going better for you now!