Saturday, 25 April 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

Morning all - and what a quick week that was! I'm quite glad as it wasn't too successful which is a shame. Most of it involved fighting my corner one way or another, with various issues, some of which were school ones, not particularly bad but nevertheless they had to be dealt with.

What doesn't sit comfortably with me is constantly dealing with uncertainties and the unknown. It is a fact that most children come home from school and you're never quite know what goes on. It's not helped by not seeing or speaking to the teachers from one parents evening to another. You end up putting 2 + 2 together and getting 597 (in my case!), which doesn't make for an enjoyable time.

This all sounds quite vague and would be easier if I said the whole story but it's too long! but sorry for the blurb.

Anyway onto more enjoyable things - I thought I'd share with you some of my activities for the weekend.

The first is to line my dresser shelves with some oilcloth I recently purchased. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do the powder blue colour any justice. Hubby thinks it's a waste of time as you can't actually see the shelves due to all the 'rubbish' on them! When has that stopped us ladies from doing anything? He has got the point but we'll move on.........

The second is to prick out the seeds. I think I've gone overboard some what, so I've got a bit of a task. The cress which is so easy to grow looks like it's dead, em...The kitchen herbs definitely need doing.

Outside in the little greenhouse is a tomato plant and some runner beans which I bought as little plants - cheating I know - shhh, some wildflowers, lots of pumpkin seeds, and a variety of other flowers.

So all in all quite time consuming but a worthwhile job. Later on I might partake in some cake baking along with a good old glass of red this evening to round off the day.

Enjoy the weekend fellow bloggers!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi ya think we have your post twice there! blogger must be having a funny day. I know what you mean with children and schools. I have had a few problems in the past with my eldest. I hate the fact you dont always know what goes on in their day. La la only started school last September so I still find it weird that I dont know all about her day, and she very secretive too!

Love your dresser really pretty the oil cloth will look lovely!

Anonymous said...

As a mother of an IEP student, I completely understand the frustrations of schools. I feel for you whatever the reason for your frustrations. I hope they thin out for you. I just today purchased some rosemary for my outside garden. I'm thrilled. I never realized how much I miss the smell of such plants.

Take it easy, put your feet and relax. IT's a new day for you.

periwinkle said...

look what I found

BusyLizzie said...

The shelves look fab! Tickets in the post for Shepton!
Lizzie x

bex said...

i dont think buying little plants is cheating!!and anyway... i heard the hardest part is keeping them alive....thats definatly the case in our house...poor house plants

Jemm said...

I like your idea of covering the shelves with oil cloth. Very cute :)