Saturday, 11 April 2009

My Cath Kidston delights

Hello all and I hope you're enjoying the little break so far! The weather has been a bit of a let down but heh ho!

As you know we went to Bicester yesterday and I was so excited about going to the CK shop and even more so as it was an outlet! I was slightly shocked by the queues to get into Bicester Village and the fact that the carpark was full and there were lots of men in yellow jackets directing traffic. We arrived 10 minutes after it opened! I don't do crowds or queues so my stress levels were rising but I kept trying to think of all the lovely goodies I was going to buy.

We got parked and got out. For those who have been to the States, it really reminded me a lot of their outlets (apart from the fact it was chucking down with rain here!).

I'll cut to the chase - the shop was fab and lots of lovely tempting items. As you can see I bought a few things! and I really did have to hold back on so many......I would imagine their stock varies somewhat so it's a good job we don't leave too near. Even the decor is great. I had to keep going round so I didn't miss everything! I got 2 little cushions, a set of 4 napkins, a sweet crochet doll egg cosy, bath mat (spotty of course!), tea-towel, and oven gloves.

I apologise about the quality of the photo. I was sampling some wine in the supermarket so will blame it on that!

I'm going to spend time later putting them out yipee! but first I'm going to settle down with a cup of coffee, homemade Easter muffin and the latest issue of Country Living magazine. It doesn't get better!

Happy Easter.


bex said...

it was good then!! hmmmm, im getting more and more tempted to go!!

Jemm said...

Sounds like you've a nice day!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you got past the crowds and dove into some good fun shopping. Love your purchases. So cute.

LissyLou said...

what lovely bits, i must take a trip there. We occasionaly go to Braintrees freeport but no Cath Kidston there!! x

Thecraftytrundler said...

That is my nearest CK .When I go to Dave's it's only about 12 miles away!! I will have to wait until after my holiday, before I go again!
I love the cheaper material there!

sharon xx