Friday, 17 April 2009

Knitting and Kirsty's Homemade Home

I hope you all saw Kirsty's Homemade Home programme last night - wasn't it great?!

How sweet was the knitted writing and the little knitted house which appeared before the ads? It was such an inspiring programme and what I liked was the tutorials and hints and tips on making a house a home. I think I'm going to try the envelope cushion cover today. I've linked to the website which has the tutorial and other useful information.

I love bargain hunting, but I think I'd draw the line at 'skipping'. Hubby said he would love to do that - typical male, but what she said was so true - why pay for it if you could get it for free.

I was completely green with envy at the size of her fantastic range - she must enjoy cooking.

Roll on next week's programme.

Anyway, as the weather is pants today I thought I'd get busy making things for our home today rather than everyone else's! Already sewn up some hearts to stuff with lavender, going to give the envelope cushion a whirl and then pursue with my knitted throw I've started to make. Only done 1 square so far, so got lots still to do, but never mind I've got the rest of the year to complete it - ha ha.

Back to the school routine next week - yuck. I'm already getting into a cold sweat about it. Heh Ho. Have a good weekend and speak to you all next week!


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Kirsty's prog was good wasnt it and the kitchen was gorgeous when finished - wish i had a brother who was getting rid of that table!!!
im dreading monday as well but nice to get into some sort of routine again :-)
lesley x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I missed the programme, doh!
I saw the adverts but completely forgot to watch it....

I grew up in a house with an aga and I miss it dreadfully...after I left home I could never get use to pre heating an oven ( I remeber now though but it took a fair few years! lol)

We have an inset day on Monday, and the grand re-opening of the school on Wednesday after all the work drying it out and repairing it after the Christmas flooding. So hopefully their school routine will get back to normal and they won't be in temporary classrooms any more...

Daniel starts playgroup on Tuesday too, just a Tuesday afternoon and a Wednesday morning to start with... but I am feeling a little nervous...! daft arn't I!

Take care
X Alex

Shabby Chick said...

I saw bits and pieces of the programme (I was in the dining room reading a horrendously mills and boon type book but keep having a peek!) and what I saw looked lovely. I thought the knitted house was v cute.

I am really looking forward to preschool being back next week! Good luck with the school runs.

Mel xxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...


Yes I saw Kirsty's prog last night. I thought it was really good, very envious though of that house she is doing up! and the kitchen! Bah.

Yes I was commenting to DH earlier that its back to the school routine! Boo have enjoyed having Lala off! even though we have been plauged with illnesses over the past two weeks, we have still managed to have some fun.

Josie-Mary said...

I love the knitted house too, I went to try & buy some wool today to make one but they didn't have the right colour :( Thought the show was good but it's a world away from how I live... 2nd home, land rover etc... Cath's kitchen is very modern, all I could think of was that I helped paid for that...LOL!!! :)

bex said...

i missed that program! i did read an interesting article about it in the paper tho'. i like the turqouisey coloured wool that you have just cast on with

periwinkle said...

I've recorded it , getting all excited now .... knitted throw , tell me more !!
lisa x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for my lovely PIF gift. It arrived this morning and is beautiful. I will put a pic on my blog next week so all can see (I am between shifts at work at the moment!) Thanks again, Kate x

Slice of life said...

Just popped over from Shabby Chick. Loved the patriot hearts!

Kirstie was fab wasnt she.

And just so you know, no one gets anywhere fast in Swindon! The Bruce St bridges at 5pm are crazy! You arent alone. have a great day!

i cant sew said...

thanks for visiting my little blog... it is always nice to 'meet' new bloggers. i am off to follow your link.
%*_*% rosey

Bobo Bun said...

Hi Sarah

I'm hoping that I can watch it on the net as I missed it and the show sounds really interesting.

Know what you mean about wanting a bit of routine back, not sure if that's another word for definate hours without children. As much as that I'll miss doing whatever we want every day and the lie ins. I've been so lazy, tommorow will be a shock.

Lisa x