Monday, 20 April 2009

Topsey Turvey

Here we are again, back to Monday. It was somewhat of a struggle this morning with the boys, school uniform, new shoes (with laces!) etc etc, but the first school run has been done and is out of the way.........

I'm so sorry but we've been out all weekend and I had some great photo opportunities, but forgot to take my camera so you'll just have to imagine the photos!

On Saturday we took the boys to the SS Great Britain in Bristol which is so well done and I'm not surprised they've won awards but it really is great for children. Once we had had our fill with that, I thought it would be nice to walk along the water and watch the boats, then walk up to the market where there are some second hand shops - well........what an absolute disaster. The boys for some unknown reason decided to play up. I won't bore you with the details but the 'red mist' cut in and I thought it best to shorten our day and go home...............That's where I remained, in silence for the rest of the day, oh dear.

I did however manage to find some great ladybird books to add to my collection

Now yesterday was a completely different story. We met up with some friends to have a picnic at a local country park where they have a man-made beach, play area etc, all within reach of the picnic tables so us adults could sit and have mature conversation! and keep an eye on the 4 boys.

As a rule I don't drink during the week, but will have a glass of wine on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday was different, the sun was out, it was warm, enjoyable company and 2 bottles of wine later.................(that was between 2 of us!). The men had a beer each. I do feel rather ashamed at consuming that amount of alcohol during the day, but it was over 6 hours and we felt fine - giggly maybe but all our faculties were intact.

The boys really enjoyed themselves, paddling in the water, building sandcastles, eating ice-cream and generally doing what children should be doing. By the time we got home hubby and I were sunburnt - can you believe it? Hubby always goes brown rather than red, but even he was red - ha ha. I just look like a lobster and not helped today by wearing a fuscia pink top - doh.

Better press on, lots of jobs to do.



LissyLou said...

I've just dropped my eldest back at school too. My littlest is missing him!!

Sounds like you all had a nice weekend. x

Shabby Chick said...

Today's been a bit of a struggle here too... eldest did NOT want to go back to preschool and was like a limpet! Just hope she has a good day to make up for it.

What a shame about the kids playing up in the shops, I hate it when that happens. But it sounds like your picnic made up for it! You only live once so why not enjoy a drink now and again :D

mel xxx

bex said...

we caught the sun yesterday too! there was a medieval re-enactment day at the local park and got a bit burnt watching the men hit each other with swords!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Sounds like you had a good day and I have to get eldest off to school tomorrow on the school bus and then Danny goes to his first pre school session in the afternoon... will he stay on his own or kick up?

Shame about the shops but the park picnic sounds fantastic...I think they haved banned drinking in public places around here... we'd probably get arrested if we tried that! teehee!

X Alex

Jemm said...

What a lovely weekend! I love picnics and the thought of drinking wine, outdoors with friends sounds SO wonderful. Isn't it great that winter is over?

sharie said...

Shame you didn't get round all the shops but the ladybird books are lovely. I do like vintage childrens books. Wonderful.
Glad you had a great day after the annoying one.

Sal said...

Hope you are not hurting too much with that sunburn!! ;-)

Vintage Tea said...

Cute ladybird books, they seem to be taking over blogland faster than CK!!!

Glad you had a good weekend.

Victoria x

The sewing room said...

Sounds like you had a nice day,spent with friends and the children playing,and of course the odd drop of wine now and again and getting a bit giggly sounds good to me.


Josie-Mary said...

Sounds like a good day in the sun with wine!!! The book shops in Bristol sound good, good Ladybird finds... :)
I've found a home for my flag, just need to get some cup hooks. I'll post a photo soon, I need to sort out the shelves & finish my bunting so it may not be until my hols in May.

Anonymous said...

Hello :)

It's been lovely weather here, too - and about time :) Love the little Ladybird books.

Mara :)