Thursday, 26 February 2009

Here come the gals

I started making these sweet little gals ages ago, with a view to making loads of different ones , then selling them on the website. As you can see I've only got round to making 2. Not a great start, but I will start again in ernest as they are such fun to make.

They are another take on the 'good old' days. I did used to have a dolly peg lady but can't find her anywhere. I wonder how and when they were invented. I would like to imagine that they were a good way of making a new toy with what scraps of fabric you had left over, along with using the humble dolly peg.

I might well research the origins of the dolly peg lady...............

I like the old fashioned dolly pegs - I sell them on the website and they are so popular. Many use them for their original purpose, others use them just as decoration.
I have a penchant for collecting so many different things, but yet as a child I was forever throwing perfectly good things away. My parents used to have to regularly check the bin and salvage many an item. Some of which they've kept today and given back to me - how bizarre!

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