Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The love of a good book

Why is it that when you are young, you never really appreciate how great books can be. I love all the old books which I had as a child and unfortunately they all went long ago. I think they were put in the loft (which as we all know is the 1st stage to either being binned or put in a charity bag). As a consequence I am now buying all the old annuals, Enid Blyton classics as well as old ladybird books. They are such a blast from the past, and it suits my love for anything nostalgic.

The Rilloby Fair Mystery is one I did read as a child. The book (pictured) is one I found in a chairty shop so was really pleased to get it. To quote "It's a wonderful story - the kind you simply can't put down till you've read to the very last page. Yes - it's a real honest-to-goodness Enid Blyton book!"

As much as I love children's books - having spent lots of time in the children section of Borders with my 2, you can't beat some of the old timeless treasures, heh ho.

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