Monday, 23 February 2009

Quiet House

Well, the boys are now back at school and the house seems so quiet (pleasing though!) I can crack on with catching up on outstanding orders and completing my many projects.

One that I have finished is my little cubby hole shelf which I've painted white, added some cowboy fabric to the back of some of the storage holes and had lots of fun adding all (well some of them) my bits and bobs. My husband thinks it's cheap 'tat'. My 7 year old who aspires to being an artist and taking over The Blueberry Patch when I 'die' thinks it looks great. The 9 year old wasn't too impressed. Unfortunately the photo hasn't come out quite as clearly as I would have liked. Oh well, looks like something else I've got to get up to speed with. Happy Pancake Day.............

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