Sunday, 22 March 2009

All came good in the end

I hope all you mummies had a lovely day and were suitably pampered?!

Mine was such a busy one and started at 4.45am this morning when Toby woke up (it's his 9th birthday today) and wanted to open his presents. We weren't forthcoming as you could imagine, however Jack woke up 30 minutes later so that's when we started the day!

He loved his presents and by 7am we were done and dusted. I had a lovely card and was treated to a pot of coffee in bed. I then proceeded to moan (a little!) about the day ahead - football match, then mad dash back to have a hasty lunch then back out for Toby's go-karting treat with some friends. On top of that I had to get some work done. When I got up and heard the news about poor Jade Goody, I did feel extremely guilty. What right did I have to moan??

To cut a long story short, all the boys enjoyed the karting which was the main thing. We then decided to have a drink in a pub garden. The 4 boys played in the park and us 4 adults sat and chatted. It was lovely having a glass of wine at 3.30 in the afternoon!

I'm now going to indulge in another glass of wine along with bar of chocolate with my name on! Yipee!

See you tomorrow.


Jemm said...

That sounds like a yummy way to top of the day! Good for you :)

Shabby Chick said...

Sounds like a sweet day, I hope you enjoyed the wine and choc!

Mel xxx