Saturday, 14 March 2009


I thought I'd jump on the Union Jack band wagon! Everyone is going mad for Union Jack's at the moment and quite rightly so. In the States they are so patriotic and have the stars and stripes flags up everywhere you go. In the UK, up to quite recently it seemed to signify football supporters and cheap and nasty souvenirs. Now, probably due to Emma Bridgewater - everyone is into them, including me!

I wanted to do a slight twist to the usual Union Jack so have used 3 different background fabrics. I've then added a vintage button to the middle of each one. Voila, they are ready to hang.

Hope you like them. Enjoy the fine weather this weekend.


Beki said...

Your Union Jacks look great!
I am now the proud owner (well will be when it's delivered) of the ladybird learn to sew book, another one to add to my collection!
Have a good weekend!
Beki xxx

bex said...

they look pretty..

Shsjndkdns said...

They are lovely, I will add you to my union jack links on my Bridgewater post. X