Tuesday, 24 March 2009


For Toby's birthday, my parents bought him a fab collection of all things to do with birds. The first was a beautiful birdhouse painted in white and blue and looks quite like the Cape Cod esq clapboard houses. That is now sitting very happily in a tree. When I work I can watch all the birds taking a look!

The second was a variety of bird seeds and each mix is designed to attract different birds. Unfortunately the photo didn't show them.

Then there was a pair of binoculars, and 2 fantastic bird books. We have been in our element. The binoculars are strategically placed ready to spy on the birds. We're fortunate enough to have such a collection of different birds anyway and now we've got a book to help us identify them. Jack especially has been enjoying the hunt for birds. He even put some fabric in the birdhouse to make the birds more comfortable!

Now Toby's '9' he doesn't want to appear getting too excited by bird watching! For the rest of us however, I think we've found a new family hobby!!


bekimarie said...

What a lovely gift for a young boy. I miss those days with my eldest son but have them to look forward to with Jack.
We live on a very main road and i'm always surprised at how many different birds we get coming to take a bath or eat off the bird table. I'm always calling Rich asking him to identify them for me.
Have a good week.
Beki xxx

Jackie said...

That's a lovely present to have received. You managed to do the photo thing! How did you do it? Jackie :O)

Jemm said...

Birdwatching has been one of my favorite hobbies since college. I can't get enough!

Deborah said...

What a lovely blog you have. I just found the link to it on your shop site. Will definitely be a regular visitor now!

bekimarie said...

I was very fortunate in that a friend found me one of the little dogs in a charity shop for 50p. I have seen a couple on ebay lately though so worth taking a look.
Beki xxx

Bertie x said...

What a lovely gift for your son. It's so lovely to watch the birds feeding outside. We have one little chap who keeps trying flying into the kitchen window, poor thing.
Bertie x

driftwood said...

what a lovely gift, we put up a birdbox at grandads last weekend, and my son adored watching a bluetit zoom in and out. xx