Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Spring for me

is being able to wake up in the morning, look out of my bedroom window and see an array of colourful blossom, hear the bees buzzing away, and listen to the wood pigeon's in the trees.
Walk downstairs to a colourful bunch of daffs and tulips.
Happily walk outside without a coat, wander around the garden and look at the buds coming out in the trees

see my primrose in our woody area getting bigger and bigger

watch Jack's seeds sprout through the earth

marvel at the delicacy of some of the flowers along our footpath

and best of all breath in the cool air and think how wonderful that it's Spring.


Anonymous said...

Hello there
I have just followed Louise's link over to you, am so glad I did! It's lovely here! Have just put the kettle on so that I can have a cuppa with my read

Jackie said...

Lovely spring time pictures! You've really got the hang of inserting pictures between text now. I'm still having major trouble with it!! I suppose practise makes perfect though and I will just have to try again :O)

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Sarah
This will be my third attempt to leave a comment..
You must have a very selective blog! It won't allow my comments to get through but I will persist and see what happens..
I am sure that my donkey Neddy will have several admirers and it will be hard to let him go..
I love Spring time gardens.. they are full of surprises and promise..You have really captured the essence of the season in your lovely photos..
Now fingers crossed I am going to press send....
Michele xx

Cowboys and Custard said...


Jemm said...

We had pear trees in bloom last week, but the snow storm we had Friday and Saturday killed all the blossoms. I hope it didn't kill everything else too :(

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Just loving your beautiful tree in blosom, with all its pinky gorgeousness!

I am an autum and winter girl at heart, but I do love spring, all the light colours and the promise of new growth and life, it just makes you glad to be alive.

That is one thing I love about living a country where you get to experience the seasons changing, I would so miss it if I lived somewhere where you just dont get to see it.

Thecraftytrundler said...

I so love spring, and this is a lovely springy blog!!! We live in a beautiful country, I'm proud to be English!!!
Lovely blog : )

Sharon xx