Saturday, 7 March 2009


I hate decorating with a passion, but do like the finished article (obviously). We always decorate ourselves as we're too tight to pay for someone to do it for us. As it's me who wants to change the colours, I normally end up doing the bulk of it.

I love wallpaper but find that once you have wallpaper, you end up having to have wallpaper ever after unless you have it re-plastered. Although I have painted over wallpaper before now.

Anyway, I've decided to go back the F + B's breakfast room green in our bedroom. We did originally have that colour, but I fancied a change, Unfortunately the make and type of paint we had chosen was 'flat' and you only need to breath on it and it marks........that for me is a disaster!

Hubby didn't want to change the colour in the first place so he feels rather smug now - huh.

I've now got to muster up the enthusiasm to get everything out and start.

My focus at the moment is not painting, but the Country Living fair which is on next week in London. I go every year, not to have a stand, but to get lots of ideas and spend lots of money! Can't wait as it's a day off - is anyone else going??

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Sal said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting me!
Hope you're enjoying your new found hobby of blogging!
You'll find it very addictive (and you'll get less housework done! ;-)!
I love F&B paint too..and vintage hankies!
Yes, I'm off to the fair this week ..I'm meeting up with a good friend and we're really looking forward to our girlie day out! Hope you enjoy it too! ;-)