Friday, 13 March 2009

The Head

Now, I know a lot of you will be wondering - "what on earth is that" but believe it or not it was one of my brilliant buys at the CL fair in London earlier this week.

I've called her 'the head' which is a bit unfair I guess, but she's a 1950's gal, made of china and I loved her as soon as I saw her. Hubby disliked her completely, my practical 9yr old son wanted to know what I was going to use her for, and my aspiring artist (his words) 7yr old liked it. At least she'll be a conversation piece I suppose.

My one regret is an item I saw and I didn't buy it - it was an original 1940's free standing broom cupboard, standing no more than 6ft tall. Painted in it's original colour - yellow. It had a cupboard at the top which I suppose housed cleaning stuff and the brooms went in the cupboard below, and guess was £36. What a bargain. I wasn't too concerned about where I'd put in, but I'd have completely wrecked their stand as it was used to display items and then I'd have to carry it - doh. Never mind.
Onwards and upwards.......


bex said...

i saw a little something like your head on an antique programme...except it was a dogs head (like the cath kidson) one at it was by clarice have to love day time tv!!

Carol said...

Well how funny I saw that broom cupboard, wasn't is great with its little cutout shelves for the broom handles!
Carol x