Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bunnies and strawberries

I know it's not the most obvious mix! but I had bought the sweet little bunny and heart bowl and the weekend and thought the strawberries looked so good in it, I just had to photograph it. I've also had to make some wooden bunnies for a customer and couldn't resist adding them to the photo!

Was going to have quite a productive day today, but Toby is off school today with a stinking cold. He's playing on the playstation at the moment and all I can hear is racing cars in between coughing and nose blowing! I think it'll be lots of TLC and hot honey and lemon. I told him he'd better be well for his birthday on Sunday (assuming Jack doesn't catch it or indeed us!).


Thedarkerside73 said...

Its always the way, when you have a birthday or big event coming up! One poor person gets poorly then so does everyone else.

Hope your son feels better soon.

Love the bowl and the rabbits!


Emma Herian said...

Hi Sarah!
I had completely forgotten about the heart swap as well, so thankyou for reminding me.
How exciting and what a perfect partnership!
I too have a poorly boy off school, 3rd day now and I am really needing to get on with some work...... !
Cna,t wait to see what we make each other, spk very soon.

Carol said...

The little bunnies are lovely.
I hope that Toby recovers quickly.
Carol x

Shabby Chick said...

How cute! Love the picture.

Hope Toby is a lot better soon.

Mel xxx