Monday, 16 March 2009

Purchases, purchases and more purchases

I don't know what got into me this weekend (I'll blame it on the nice weather!) but we had a few trips out to the shops and I couldn't stop spending my pennies. Along with many things, I found these 2 what looks like ladybird books, but in fact they are actually notebooks. I pounced on them obviously. I'm a bit of a list maker so to have 2 fantastic notebooks really pleased me.

I also got a repro vintage bucket. There were 3 to choose from so went for the more girly one. I'm not sure what I'm going to store in it, but no doubt there will be something.

I noticed, reading a few blogs this morning that the car boot sales have started and some of you went along. I wish some of ours had got going, this weekend would have been perfect for it. Can't wait!

It's Toby's birthday this coming Sunday and we'd booked to go Go-Karting, he's just found out that it coincides with a 'crucial' football match which is being filmed to raise some money for the team and he's not a happy boy. Now I've got to see if we can move the Go-Karting, then tell his friends blah blah blah - all for a game of football. Roll on April when the matches stop!


Vintage Tea said...

I've seen those notebooks and think they're great. Paperchase is doing Ladybird cards now!

Victoria x

Carol said...

I am a list maker too, those notebooks are fab. Ladybird is having a bit of a revival, I am pleased about that.
The bucket reminds me of my childhood trips to the beach.
The weather has put us all in good spirits.
Carol x

Lucy said...

Love ladybird books - they take me straight back to my childhood. Lucy x