Thursday, 5 March 2009

Long-suffering husband

I have moaned (a little) about hubby, but this post is for him! He is the unfortunate soul who has to transfer all my ideas for wooden items into actual 'things'. Having never used a jigsaw, saw or anything like that in the garage, I'm never too sure if my paper ideas will work in wood.

He does his 'proper job', then he comes home faced with various things to cut out from the days orders, they range from hearts, chalkboards, stars, fish, starfish etc etc. My latest idea is a starfish made from reclaimed wood with a hole to place a tea-light in. Bless him, he bought a special 'bit' to do the hole in the middle without cutting all the way through and voila!

So, credit where credit's due, he's done a good job.
Got lots more to say today so will post another entry later on.........


Things Hand Made said...

Thats a lovely tealight holder. My husband would do stuff for me but it takes him so long I just have to get on with it myself and then he moans that he cant find his tools! I am the one who uses them more!

Things Hand Made said...

Just found this for a bit more button love!

Sarah said...

Brilliant! thanks for that, I've got lots of buttons that size and colour so will give it a go.
Was just about to do a blog on the humble button - I reckon there should be a button appreciation society, loads of people would join, everyone seems to love buttons.