Monday, 9 March 2009

Food glorious food

Well, the school run has been done for yet another Monday. As much as I love my children and by and large enjoy taking them to school, I'm not fond of doing the school run. Playground politics is like nothing else I've experienced. Forget the office politics, this is far worse! Don't get me wrong, it's not everybody, but the little groups of women which form do amuse me somewhat.

Anyway onto more interesting things - we had some friends round for dinner on Saturday which was nice. They are bang on the same wave length and all 4 of us tend to 'fight' for air space as we chatter about absoutely everything, normally about children! I love cooking for them as they are great foodies and enjoy what I cook.

I made a red Thai turkey curry for mains, I then did 2 puddings - a Spiced Apple bread pudding and Treacle Sponge and Caramel sauce which all went down really well. I photographed the sponge after I made it.

Fortuately there was some sponge left over so the boys scoffed it down yesterday!
I really do enjoy cooking but time is so limiting especially when there's after school stuff to do so I tend to get a meal cooked during the day which I can then heat up later.


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Things Hand Made said...

The after school thing can be so hectic. I TRY to get organised but it rarely happnes. As fro playground poloitic, I don't think I will ever get it right!