Friday, 20 March 2009

End of another week

How quickly has this week gone. Thank you all for thoughts and wishes yesterday for poor old Toby. He had a good night last night and has gone back to school today in earnest for his sticker and certificate. Still a bit spluttery and I think he'll have problems playing his trumpet in lesson today.

I really love blogging and all you bloggers get me positively fired up with ideas on thrifting and all sorts of great things. I spotted some dishcloths on
Little Gem's blog which she had been sent and they looked great so hopped over to Sarah Smith's website and promptly bought some. Cleaning will never be quite such a chore again!

Then, on Flossie and Tom's blog there was a piece about cheap dotty oil cloth fabric from Dunelm which looks just like CK's but half the price (£6.99 a metre). So what did I do, I've bought some! They have an online shop and if you have a Dunelm near you, it can be delivered to the store for you to pick up without having to pay for delivery. I love days like that.


Jackie said...

The weeks are indeed flying in! Hope your little boy enjoys his school assembly - they always love getting stickers and certificates. I have just tried to get that photo thing to work, and still can't! I hope you have better luck than me!! Jackie :O)

Shsjndkdns said...

Hehe sorry for "making" you buy the cloths! Blogging does that to you though doesn't it, makes you want what others have. I am guilty of dashing out to buy something I have seen on a blog! Hope the dishcloths brighten up your day xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Oh you got some of the oilcloth! I have looked up the Dunelm site but if I buy *anything* right now my husband (and bank manager!) will kill me! Did you go for the green too?

Love the cloths, I have stripey ones but they are wearing out so might have to pop some new ones in the trolley the next time we do a food shop.

Mel xxx

Emily said...

A good deal will brighten any thrify girls day!! Nothin' better :)

MelMel said...

Lovely cheerful cloths!

Glad your little boy is on the mend!

Have s uper weekend!xx

bex said...

oh oh oh!! i saw these cloths in tescos the other day but didn't buy them...wish i had now!!!