Thursday, 5 March 2009

Buttons, Buttons and more buttons

My earliest memories of buttons was rummaging through my grandmother's drawer where she kept a large tin of buttons, knitting needles, threads, and all things associated to them. I loved the drawer and used to play shop whenever I went to stay.

It's now not surprising that the love for haberdashery is now reflected in my adult life. I'm always on the hunt for old buttons. Many can be found quite cheaply in charity shops. A couple of years ago in Devon, I stumbled across an old coffee jar full of them. The ladies in the shop didn't quite know what to do when I asked to have the whole lot! but got them for £5.00 - bargain.

A lot of the blogs I come across seem to have an appreciation for the humble button. I would love to hear people's button stories, where you keep them, where you buy them etc. Maybe one day, they'll be a button fan club....

I've got an old Virol wooden box (see photo) I keep vintage threads and buttons in. I have a lot more but they're scattered all over the place, so should really keep them altogether.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - thought I would just pop over to yours to say hello! Love those buttons :O)